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Hello from Southampton and having now been on board Queen Anne I thought I’d post a few thoughts of the ships interior. Firstly there are a number of areas on board that remind me of QE2’s original design. There is a lot of glass used, curved structures and curved staircases which are reminiscent of many of the spaces on board QE2 when she first entered into service. And I am not the only one who is seeing it either, with many people who have been on board that I’ve talked to, referencing QE2 when walking through the ship. It’s really nice to see, and although a very modern and contemporary take on the Cunard brand, the fact that QE2 seems to have been inspiration for some of the spaces is heartwarming. Here are some videos of the interiors for you to check it out for yourself.   
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Re: I’m on board Queen Anne and some areas remind me of QE2.
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Great to read your first impressions, Chris.

What were you doing on Queen Anne, and how did you find her as a passenger ship?

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Re: I’m on board Queen Anne and some areas remind me of QE2.
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Thank you Chris for your time making and sharing these great videos.

Very nice to see the interiors of this new Cunard ship. I find it very interesting how designers have reinterpreted the traditional Cunard style for the mid-2020s.

Sad that there's no bookshop though. The good old Ocean Books time is definitely something of the past now.

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Re: I’m on board Queen Anne and some areas remind me of QE2.
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2024, 09:03 AM »
Great video Chris, thanks for taking the time to share it with us.  Lucky you being one of the first on board!  We asked for a forum visit on board but were turned down unfortunately... maybe you could have a word!  We even offered to restrict it to current Cunard World Club members if that would help... but no.

From what I've seen of her interiors, I think they are nice and fresh and bright looking, and a huge change from all previous Queens, but I have two observations I think.  (1) If you had shown me the interiors and no further information, I would have no idea what cruise line they were from.  It all seems rather generic to me.  (2) I'm not really getting the Art Deco vibe myself.  I'm a big fan of Art Deco, but I'm not really seeing it...

How does her walkaround deck compare to that of QV/QE? 
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Re: I’m on board Queen Anne and some areas remind me of QE2.
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2024, 02:30 AM »
It was lovely videos to watch, l gleaned more information from that than anything iv seen or read since day one. But as Rob says, unless you knew what ship you would have no idea what ship you were on, l personally thought she looked quite nice inside. Please dont take that as an idication lm about to book Cunard. But the cabins at the stern....  what about vibration or is that all sorted .  Shes does look at long longer than the rest, but how might she handle the North Atlantic on a rough day.....
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