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Offline Nurse Little Ang

I was nursing sister on QE2 and also Princess and Countess from 1980 - 1982.
There were two nurses called Angela at the time - I was "Little Ang" at only 5'9" and I believe "Big Ang" was 6" !!
Lots of very fond memories of time spent on board this great ship.
Also travelled for many years as a "wife"  (now divorced )
It's great seeing so many familiar names - looking forward to hearing more news.
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Re: Nurse Little Ang (Welsby)
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Hello Wellers, Willum here, Actually I had occasion to take my mum to her GP in Plympton a few years ago and who should we bump into but the Eddlestone Lighthouse herself, Angie Jowett. Hope you're in good fettle. Can you name the nurse in pink next to John Pullinger in this photo? I've been stumped by this one. The others are Julie and Eve Tytherleigh is there too.

Willum (N.Cornwall)
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Re: Nurse Little Ang (Welsby)
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Welcome to the forum Ang and hope you make hope you find lots of memories on the forum. 
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Offline Nurse Little Ang

Re: Nurse Little Ang (Welsby)
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Great to hear from you Willum!

I don't recognise the girl in pink n the photo, but the nurse on the right in cream lace dress is Wendy Lister - I think she married Paddy (?Hanvey?)
It seems a life time ago doesn't it?
I've got lots of photos - I'll get some uploaded soon, I hope.

Wouldn't it be lovely to see the QE2 back in UK?


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Re: Nurse Little Ang (Welsby)
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Hi Angela, and welcome to The QE2 Story Forum - certainly the place to be to meet up with old friends and make new friends - and share memories and the common love of our beloved QE2 !

June  :)
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Re: Nurse Little Ang (Welsby)
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Hello Angela and welcome to the Forum!
Can't wait for you to share your memories about the great ship!
Welcome! :)
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Re: Angela Welsby (Little Ang) QE2 Nursing Sister 80 - 82
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Hi Ang, Sorry to be a bit late in welcoming you to the forum.

I would have been aboard at the same time you were there and also had some spells on Countess in that time frame too.

I was friends with one of the photogs on Princess from around that time Martyn Crawford don't know if you might remember him. He set up a business in St Thomas taking keyring photos on board the Kon-Tiki fun cruise boat.

I went out full time on Countess in late 82 with my wife (now ex) and we both worked as photographers until late 84.

Would love to see some of your photos when you get the chance to upload them.
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Re: Angela Welsby (Little Ang) QE2 Nursing Sister 80 - 82
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Hello Ang!

Sorry for the late reply - I've only just bumped into this thread this morning. Hope you are still well. You're right about how long ago this all seems, but there are some great stories and memories to trawl through on the site.

I well remember you and your tall colleague! I liked Willum's story about bumping into Stretch  :)

All the best!

Offline Rod

Re: Angela Welsby (Little Ang) QE2 Nursing Sister 80 - 82
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What Jim said. Don't know how I missed your arrival. Welcome!
Look forward to your pics.