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QE2 Story September 2010 Newsletter
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Dear Member,

Hello and welcome to our latest quarterly newsletter for September 2010.  We've been having a busy time of it lately!

1. Captain McNaught talks to TheQE2Story
2. Our new Gallery
3. TheQE2Story live from Clydebank
4. The Cruising Queens & the new QE
5. Fascinating Q3 discussion
6. TheQE2Story on board QM2 - October 2011
7. A virtual tour of QE2's stairways & lifts
8. TheQE2Story on Facebook
9. Forum News
10. Our June Get-together
11. The News from Dubai
12. Sea Shanties!

1. Captain McNaught talks to TheQE2Story
This month QE2's last Captain, Ian McNaught, has kindly answered questions from our members.  He spent a great deal of time over his answers, and some of them are absolutely fascinating.  Once again, huge thanks go out to the Captain, and his wife Sue, for taking the time to do this for us. 
The feature can be found on our main website at .   
You can discuss the feature on the topic in the forum here -,2222.0.html

Look out for more interviews with famous QE2 Celebrities in the future, and if you ARE one, and would like to participate, let us know!

2. The new Gallery
There are already thousands of images held within the many discussion topics in the forum.  This is ideal, as the images illustrate whatever the topic being discussed is.  Please continue to do this!  However we have added a new gallery feature to the forum.  The main reason for doing this, is that it makes it easier to upload photos.  Have a look and see what you think.  Simply log into the forum as usual, and then click the [gallery] button on the top toolbar.

3. TheQE2Story - live from Clydebank!
On the 20th of September (a week on Monday!) Rob Lightbody from TheQE2Story will be working in partnership with Clyde Walking Tours on the former John Browns site in Clydebank.  During the day, there will be walking tours with added QE2 content presented by Rob at the start of the tour close to where QE2 was built.  The tour will then continue, highlighting some of Clydebanks fascinating history.

In the evening, Rob will be at the Cunard Suite of Clydebank College to present a 60 minute talk about the QE2. 

In an exciting development, the talk in the evening will be streamed LIVE via the internet.  For details about exactly how this will work, we will update you in the topic on the forum, and via our facebook and twitter feeds.

Advance reservations required - please visit for more information & to book.

4. The Cruising Queens & the new QE
The forum is dedicated to QE2, and always will be.  We have always had a QM2 area, because QM2 is QE2's successor.  As time has gone on, however, it has become clear that many of our members are also enjoying cruising on Queen Victoria, and are booked onto Queen Elizabeth.  In fact many of them are reporting that the on board experience is more similar to QE2 than the much larger QM2.  We believe that it is possible to appreciate that these are quite different ships to QE2, and to also appreciate the "new Cunard" at the same time as celebrating the fantastic legend of QE2.  For that reason we have added a new section for 'The Cruising Queens'.  Hopefully this will also make it easier for our members to meet up and discuss their QE2 Stories on board the new Queens.
With respect to QE2, we enjoy looking into the past, but we can also look to the future of the new fleet at the same time.  The new section can be found at,36.0.html, as long as you are logged in!

5. Fascinating Q3 discussion
Our existing topic about Q3 - "The Queen that never was" - got much more interesting this week when Lawrence Gregory, son of Raymond Gregory, joined the forum and contributed his fascinating QE2 Story!  Without Raymond, we may not have had QE2 to enjoy, and Cunard may have ceased to be!  To find out why visit -,842.0.html 

6. TheQE2Story on board QM2 - October 2011
Queen Mary 2 is doing a 2 night cruise to France next October, leaving on Friday 14th, with starting prices which are very reasonable indeed, especially for those of us who can't afford the more lengthy cruises.  We are floating the idea of having a get together on board.  Please express your interest in the following topic -,2380.0.html

7. A virtual tour of QE2's stairways & lifts
Popular forum member and contributor Michael Gallagher documented every nook and cranny of QE2, public & crew areas alike, before she left the Cunard fleet.  In the past week or so he has posted an amazing tour of every landing of every stairway in the public areas of the ship!  Following his images feels very much like having a walk around the ship!  Have a look here -,38.0.html - there is a topic for each stairway, as well as a general one - enjoy!

8. TheQE2Story on Facebook
For those of you who enjoy Facebook, we have opened up the ways in which you can interact with our page on there - - although the best places for your photos and discussions is, obviously, the forum itself!

9. Forum News
The forum continues to rapidly go from strength to strength, reflecting the huge interest that there still is in the QE2.  We now have over 650 members, with many more visiting each day as 'guests' without loggin in. We have had 2.4 MILLION page views, averaging around 4000 per day!

10. June 2010 Get Together
Our June get together was a brilliant success!  30 members joined the paddle steamer Waverley for a trip 'doon the watter' passing QE2's birthplace where our 'I ? QE2' banner was proudly flying above the slipway before travelling to Tighnabruaigh for a champagne reception on the pier.  Exclusive engine room tours were also arranged thanks to member Gavin Stewart.  In addition, a fun informal drinks reception was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel on the Friday evening, with another held on the Saturday evening after Waverley dropped us back.  On Sunday a smaller group visited QE2's birthplace in Clydebank and climbed the Titan Crane.  It was such a brilliant success that we intend to arrange a similar event next year!

11. The News from Dubai
The main news from Dubai is really that there isn't any!  She is still where she is, engines running, lights on, an expert crew on board keeping her safe.  There appears to be no immediate intention to do anything with her.  Despite the expense of fuel, maintenance & the crew, it may also be the cheapest option for now.  Looking on the bright side, she is still intact, which is more than she'd be if the original plans had gone ahead!!  The latest quality images we have are from 3 weeks ago.  See the [after cunard] section for more information -,2.0.html

12. Sea Shanties
We have added a new section called 'Sea Shanties' - this is for any maritime discussions which don't relate to QE2.  It can be found at,35.0.html - but is only visible if you are logged in!


Rob Lightbody on behalf of the rest of The QE2 Story Discussion Forum's Team.


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