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My Med cruise (20th July 2009)
« on: May 15, 2009, 02:20 PM »
I am extremely pleased to find this and share it with you all. As many of you know I left my camera onboard and it was never recovered and I lost all 500 photographs for ever. Just by chance I found this website of photographs of my cruise to the Med on the 20th July last year. I had taken a really beautiful shot of the QE2 in the bay at Propriano (maiden call) and you will find a few here on pages 4 and 5.  I met the German couple in the photos and he had taken about 6000 photos.  Have a look.

Oh Matt you will find a couple with pineapples on page 11
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Re: My cruise
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Robert - Thank you for the link :) The pictures are great. (When I look at though there's no mistaking who the Captain was! ;D

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Re: My cruise
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You just reminded me of my near loss of my Sony mini DVD camcorder while onboard.  I had given it to my 10 year old son to document our final arrival to Greenock and he did a beautiful job, filling up 2 mini DVD's with video and pics.  Unfortunately, after we were tied up, we walked to the stern of the ship and he put the camera down to get some water that was available on a table set up for the festivities.  He never picked it up.  :o When I finally realized he did not have the camera on our way back down to the cabin, panic set in.  We ran back up to the deck and everything had been cleaned up.  I then decided to report it missing at the Pursars Office or see if someone found it.  Thankfully it was there!  i can tell you if I had been on a Costa or Carnival ship, it would have been long gone.  My son was very relieved and I did not have to kill him.  ;)
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Re: My cruise
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Great photos!

Great photo of Bea, of Maxiim Gorky (sad that she's gone now...) and also an interesting one of the passenger lift getting used as a crew lift - I am SURE this didn't happen in her heydey and is a recent thing - perhaps someone can confirm (might need its own topic!).  Possibly crew lifts were out of action towards the end and not worth getting fixed because the passengers wouldn't see them?  I don't know...

Lisbon was wonderful.

I also mislaid my entire camera bag on our cruise, full of camera, lenses, memory cards and precious photos etc - it turned up at the pursers desk almost immediately - I was SOoooo relieved!

Don't know if its posted elsewhere but that link of yours led me here - - with great photos of QE2 in 1983 grey hull colour
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