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'twas Christmas Day in the workhouse......
« on: Dec 25, 2021, 11:50 AM »
My personal Security Officer's Christmas Day schedule;

alarm goes off - 0700  -  S,S,S & S.

0730 - in Office check all OK overnight with night team, check emails etc.
0815 - walk to Wardroom for Christmas Day breakfast. [Full 'fat boy' breakfast!]
0900 - return to cabin clean teeth, change into full uniform.
0915 - arrive theatre meet up with fellow Officer's for Christmas day Church Service, share Christmas greetings  with passengers as they arrive.
0930 - 1015 Church Service with Crew & Passengers.
1020 - 1055 - Deck Officers 'Communion' in Staff Captain's Cabin!
1055 - Return to cabin change back into half whites.
1100 - 'Report for Duty' Crew Mess, assume duties in Pot Wash!
1100/1330 - Pot Wash duties, cleaning plates etc for Crew Christmas lunch. [Photo attached as proof!]
1330 - Relieved of Pot Wash duties.
o/c collect 'personal' preference Christmas lunch; lots of sausages and crisp sandwiches! Return to cabin, shower, change into dry, clean whites!
'Relax', open family presents, 'enjoy' Christmas lunch.

later/ 1900[ish]; Enjoy Wardroom Christmas Dinner.

Finally a quick question; Who is the Asst Housekeeper in the photo above?