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Re: Crew Christmas
« on: Dec 16, 2021, 10:52 AM »
I wonder could the crew members tell us how popular it was to be sailing on QE2 at Christmas time. My own feeling would be that for those who like Christmas, it would be best spent at home, with church, family and friends. And for those who do not like Christmas, QE2 would not offer an escape, because everything one would want to escape from would be offered in buckets on QE2. Am I right?
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Re: Re: Crew Christmas
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I did several Chritsmas Cruises, always felt rather melancholy and very happy at the same time. From the crew's standpoint most would love to be at home with family and friends but made up for the loss by having the best time onboard. The Christmas day crew parties were great, I remember on the Cunard Princess having a 'Party schedule" delivered under the cabin door. First stop 9am was the Hospital for Bloody Mary's, then on to the Catering Office etc, even the engine control room was on the list!
I have to say though regarding the passengers, we always felt that we were getting the 'unwanted' relatives! As in that families would get together and send uncle or Aunt 'so-and-so' on a cruise so they would not have to tolerate them ;D
Basically they were a hard lot to deal with!
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Re: Re: Crew Christmas
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I have to say though regarding the passengers, we always felt that we were getting the 'unwanted' relatives! As in that families would get together and send uncle or Aunt 'so-and-so' on a cruise so they would not have to tolerate them ;D
Basically they were a hard lot to deal with!   

Im tempted to agree, having worked as a postman for many years Christmas was always the busiest time, and the last day before Christmas day was tough, you were called in even earlier , all the mail had to go out, if you were lucky you knew on your round who would be in or out, you knew where to leave packets safely, you knew the ones you could sign yourself to save an ungodly knock on a door at 6.40am .It was very much a team effort to get finished early for a few drinks upstairs later. my few years in Dingwall were just different, as a van driver , people on your round would be aware who their was postie was, your tea stops were cut short you simply couldnt return with any item of mail that couldn't be delivered, you were armed with umpteen P739 (while you were out forms) and you marked exactly where you had left the packets. The special customers, and we all knew them,  you wished an extra special Merry Christmas and they had their little gifts for you, sometimes just money, or sweets, home bakes, Christmas cake and mince pies, various bottles, the Farmers would have enquired of you before hand if you wanted a turkey plucked or not plucked etc and by the time you got back to the depot laiden with Christma stuff . We had the unofficial rule among the boys that our christmas cards would be carried minus postage (a sackable offence and still is )

 Hospitality is a different matter, Joe public has paid their  money and they want their value on Christmas day, my sympathy goes out to all hospitality workers who have to work this day, iv done it and hated it, where l work the boss one time had the notion to buy Harrods Christmas cracker for the Christma day lunches, usual complaints but the final one was some one complained about the toy in the cracker. The boss (who owns and runs the place) couldnt believe it, thought for a few seconds and told the guest, he was sorry that the guest felt the need to moan about the toy, but all the staff were working this Christmas day and were trying hard to give their best service, when no one really wants to work on this day, but we are, and are trying to please the likes of people like you , who have nothing better than to complain about  a sodding toy. so as from now we will never serve another Christmas day dinner , and while lm here l  think its just best for you with your group to  get up and leave NOW,  to moan over a cracker toy is pathetic and lm going to tell the staff to stop service to this table now . he said we have all worked our asses off to please everyone and if that's your complaint, then please as i said just go..Merry Christmas ..  I was there and couldn't believe what l was hearing. The boss has ket his word, and indeed we now close the day before Christmas and open up four days after New Year. A rare thing in hospitality.
 Indeed tonight is my last shift, Thanks to the new variant , party numbers have crashed, tonigth we go from 160 to a table of 20  (but its a lovely table of 20 and it will be nice to see them they are also great tippers. Tomorrow l go for my Fit to fly test, If i test negative l fly to London and onwards to the Glorious US of A for four weeks. If its a postive result, lm home for 10 days in isolation. Christmas will be ****ed no home shoping organised . it is a heck of a position to be in. But there are many many in worse situations right now, and it is only a holiday after all.. 
  The Christmas day crowd, no matter how nice or lovely or great the meal was, are happy to leave and not leave a tip. Having worked Christmas days and New years Eve in the past , and now to be able to be on the other side gives a much better understanding of what it takes to ne nice. Give the bar man a tip at the start, give the waiting staff a tip at the start, l share the fact iv done their job an know exactly how they are feeling, it breaks the ice, they can relax a little bit knowing that your on their side . But most of all be nice to them , when they ask if you want one more drink and you say yes, watch their face fall as they think oh not another half hour yet to endure of this torture. Ask them what their plans are , they will be glad someone showed an interest , a small act of kindness  can and does mean the world to some.  :-*
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Re: Re: Crew Christmas
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Myles, are you saying it would even be good to go out for a brief coffee or a snack at Christmas time specially to be nice to the staff and give them a tip?

Or do you think they would prefer it if you stayed at home and did not delay or bother them?

Kudos to your boss who read that crowd the riot act. Well done!
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Re: Crew Christmas
« Reply #4 on: Dec 26, 2021, 12:47 PM »
For Christmas 2006 i was onboard Sun Princess and we were in Grenada on Christmas Day, which seemed a bit 'odd' after several Christmas Days on QE2, which was always a sea days.

By the wonders of modern technology, and the old adage of 'it's not what you know but who!', I was able to 'link up' with my family back home in Glorious Devon courtesy of the Sun Princess Bridge Cam.

Firstly i tested the principle by getting myself 'in view' on the deck above the Bridge, then after that was successful, it was  a quick 'please' to the 3rd Officer on Duty, who very kindly repositioned the camera for me, then i was able to stand on the jetty, just in front of the terminal building, and speak to them on my phone and they could see me 'live', well with a slight time delay.
We repeated this scenario the next day in Antigua but only on the bridge roof with the Bridge Cam.

The two photos they took off of the desk top computer are attached.

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Re: Crew Christmas
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What a great story!  Making the most of available technology
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