Choose your five favourite photos

QE2 in Stavanger
Farewell for QE2 in St John, New Brunswick
QE2 Nimrod & Hawk 30 April 2004
QE2 Arriving Liverpool 3 October 2008
QE2 Iconic!
Where the Dream Started
Happy Family
Waving from QE2
2003 - View from Tender
1967 - The Evening before Her Launch
June 1997 - A Dream Come True
QE2 in Longyearbyen
Relaxed on a Deckchair
Found the Doggy Lamppost!
Flaam, Norway - July, 2007
Geirangerfjord, Norway - July, 2007
Norway, July 2007
QE2 and Two Tugs Liverpool 2008
Liverpool Calling
QE2 Home Port of Southampton
QE2 Refit in Southampton dry dock 1971
Crewing the QE2 Passenger Launches
A Personal Treasured QE2 Moment
Tourist Class Ticket - First Class Service
Danger High Winds
You've Been Framed!
Queens Room
Follow the Curve!
Meeting between RMS QE2 and SS Norway in Le Havre, July 1999
Sunset on the sea
Well it fitted Coming the Other Way !!
Elegant Versus Elegant?
Baked Alaska parade. Never to be Forgotten
Last Ever View...so far - Greenock Sunday 5th October 2008
Beautiful Bow...Lisbon Friday 4th July 2008
At First Sight... Southampton July 2008
Anchored at Corfu
Catch Me if You Can!
It Doesn't Get Better than This
Geiranger 2008
Deck Crew Collecting Towels
White Night
Very Cute Passengers
Entering New York's Harbor 1992
Top Deck under the Rain
Sunset Sailing from Cagliari 31st August 2008
Afternoon Tea Was Always an Event
Port Side Lisbon 29th August 2008
QE2 in Geiranger - June 2008
QE2 in Svalbard
QE2 Farewell to Liverpool
1987 Funnel in 2008. Simply the Best
QE2’s Bow - Final Cruise in Piraeus
QE2 Longyearbyen
QE2 Liverpool
A dark, Moonlit night Crossing the Atlantic
Nothing says Transatlantic Like being on the QE2 in a Fogbank in the middle of the Ocean hearing Her foghorn Sounding every few minutes
Formal Night on the Last Traditional Liner Making Her Last World Cruise
That Distinctive Red Funnel
Two Iconic Vessels
QE2 Moored at Las Palmas
Southampton 11/11/2008
The Red Arrows Salute a Queen
Under the Bridge
Floating Along from the Queens Grill Bar
QE2 Very Close
Dreamlike Reality - Time on the Bridge Wing
Tranquillity on the Stern
The New QE2 in New York 4th May 1987
QE2 ...Pretty full on
40yrs Young!
Basking in the Afternoon Sun
Home for Birthday
3rd May 1987 . A Bridge Visit

Author Topic: Poll September 2021 : My Most Treasured QE2 Photos  (Read 2826 times)

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Re: Poll September 2021 : My Most Treasured QE2 Photos
« Reply #30 on: Oct 31, 2021, 06:09 PM »
20 voters ! A few more hours left to vote ! Three photos still tied for first place !  :) :)
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Re: Poll September 2021 : My Most Treasured QE2 Photos
« Reply #31 on: Oct 31, 2021, 06:54 PM »
I almost wish we could leave the poll open longer! There are still so many superb photos that have not received any votes... and even the front runners received only a few... our votes per person are limited, so we need more voters!

As a moderating team, we are immensely grateful to all members who took the trouble of sharing with us their most treasured QE2 photos. Some of them had to be scanned, others had to be found in photo albums -- we are so proud of this wonderful collection which you have made possible.

There are 18 hours left to vote -- more voters would be so welcome, as a sign of recognition and gratitude towards all who shared their most treasured photos here.

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Re: Poll September 2021 : My Most Treasured QE2 Photos
« Reply #32 on: Nov 01, 2021, 09:21 AM »
21 people have voted but there is still time to cast your vote before the vote closes today.
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