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Artwork on board RMS Queen Mary2
« on: Aug 23, 2015, 09:09 PM »
There's a significant amount of art - pictures, sculptures etc on board, and a search on Flickr shows much that is  of interest - designs of the carpets in particular are particularly impressive, in the themes as well as the colours.
Then there are the series of pictures - the lighthouses, ships, dancing clowns, 'bowls of fruit', landscapes and much much more. The doors of the lifts, the mirrors inside - these are all magnificent!

There's a striking piece of work - 'art in a box'. It's placed on/in the bulkhead, opposite the doors of the Future Sales Office, where Yoyo (exQE2) is almost always to be found.
I have a photo, 'fraid can't find it, however here's an image of the work, thanks to rick kennerley

Today I visited the Joseph Cornell exhibition in London, someone who never left NYC, yet managed to create his ideas about the universe in many intriguing types of 'Art in a Box' - curiously it seems that he may also have had influence on the little piece of art mentioned above on board QM2.
It would be really interesting to know more about this piece on the ship.

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Re: Artwork on board RMS Queen Mary2
« Reply #1 on: Jan 19, 2023, 12:13 PM »
I was browsing you tube yesterday and came across a blog by a gentleman, wont mention his name in case he is someones best friend.
But it was amazing how much money is involved  across all the  shipping companies.
He also pointed out that  on one of the art pieces on QM 2, Homer Simpson is part of the art and he zoomed into show us!
Is this common knowledge?

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Re: Artwork on board RMS Queen Mary2
« Reply #2 on: Jan 19, 2023, 01:53 PM »
Hi Rod
Thank you Very much for the reference - the answer is Yes! - Homer is on board - in fact in a very public place!

Finding (the position of) Homer is one of the Big Questions posed to Passengers doing their tour formal Or otherwise of the equivalent of QE2's Heritage trail!
He is findable - and it could spoil the Quiz for orthers yet to find him if I tell you here - No worries though, I'll whisper it to you in a message!

Hoping you are Well - and that you are Much less frozen than we are...hasnt been above Zero here (Kent) for about 5 days.

Also just to let all know - Queen Victoria on her World Cruise  will be over-nighting (plus posh dinner) shore-side I understand, in Dubai.
Very much hoping that the owners are aware and will allow passenger access to QE2 at the same time.