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Mark Jones

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Mark Jones, QE2 Engineer Cadet, 1985 -
« on: Feb 03, 2014, 11:16 PM »
I thought I'd just introduce myself... John Tomlinson was the engineer "volunteered" to look after cadets and I have brilliant memories of my time down below... The time when there was a fire in the engine room and the chief engineer appeared as a vision in full mess kit during dinner when I was on watch...the times when Richard Kenworthy routinely came down on watch and spread out his own table cloth on the control room desk to set out his tea and sandwiches...lovely Clive whose greeting was always "right china", the time in the boiler room when I and the duty engineer would take it in turn to do impersonations of other officers disco dancing technique...yes great days
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Hello Mark, and welcome among us!

You have whetted my appetite for more, with your glimpses of life among the engineers. Looking forward to more, now that we have the "chapter headings"!

Enjoy the Forum, and feel at home :) .

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Welcome to the forum and thank you for a brilliant introduction with a  bit of an insight into the characters that were onboard.  Looking forward to hearing more and if you have any QE2/QE2 crew photos that you would like to add to the gallery or to your posts there are instructions here that may help. 

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Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum, it's good to have another crewman here amongst us. I am sure you will find plenty to interest and entertain you.

It would be great to hear more of your stories from your time aboard, and photos are always welcome.
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Offline Rod

Welcome Mark. Vaguely remember you.
Plenty to read on here!