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QE2 returning from The Falklands, pilot boat.
« on: Feb 14, 2021, 09:56 AM »
Hello, I wonder if any members were onboard the QE2 when it returned from The Falklands War. On that day I went to work with my father on the pilot boat and have vivid memories of being alongside as we put the pilot onboard and looking up to a sea of faces looking down at us. This would have been the first boat near the QE2 as obviously the pilot would navigate Southampton Water. Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera with us and have no photos, so I wondered if by chance any photos were taken looking down. Many thanks.

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Re: QE2 returning from The Falklands, pilot boat.
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Hello Claire

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting about your unique experience of being on the pilot boat on the day QE2 returned from the Falklands to Southampton.  I hope forum members who were on QE2 that day can help you find photos, or even memories of the day.

There are a few topics on QE2 and the Falklands War that you could have a look at and there are many newsreel videos of the return to Southampton, it would be good if a news reporter had filmed the pilot boat.

Rod had posted a a video, he had been given,  of the ship going to and returning from the Falklands. Towards the end of the video is film footage taken from the ship of the sail back into Southampton accompanied by boats. Have a look, it may bring back memories of the day.

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