Author Topic: Some "borrowed" film footage from launch to maiden voyage  (Read 3054 times)

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From Launch to Maiden Voyage
Sea Trials
Maiden Voyage
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Re: Some "borrowed" film footage
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Kyle - thank you so much for 'borrowing' for us!

I LOVED the Queen Elizabeth one the most (and the accompanying soundtrack!).
I had images of my grandparents sitting in cinema seats on their weekly trip to the 'pictures' and watching the news footage!
How weird to think such things back then were their only way of catching up with news from the big wide world and then generations later here i am watching the same stuff witht the magic of the interent.

Magical  ;D
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Re: Some "borrowed" film footage
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Love British Pathe. 


Re: Some "borrowed" film footage
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Thank you for the footage. I would love to have been aboard in the Swinging 60's.

I wish I could have a mock cabin built in a shed in the garden.
Im free...

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Re: Some "borrowed" film footage
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Excellent footage Stowaway2K


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Re: Some "borrowed" film footage
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Just watched these-brilliant stowaway thanks

What a beautifully crafted design. I always loved her sleek original look but enjoyed her evolution aswell
Nice to see the lifeboats/tenders being built

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Re: Some "borrowed" film footage
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Just watched these-brilliant stowaway thanks

Same here. It's only when someone comments on an earlier post that I see these things have been posted.

Thank you :)

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Short video of sea trials
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Have been away for far too long , but thought I'd kick off my return with this find (for me ), I've looked around & don't think it's already been posted, but as always apologies if it has,[/vimeo]][/url]. credit as always to those who post & no offence intended to British Pathe
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