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QM2 Christening - 8th January 2004.
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Just listening to Scala Radio this afternoon and they played the Harry Potter theme and it reminded me that it was on 8th January 2004 that QM2 was Christened by HM Queen Elizabeth.

A fascinating day all round and one that will remain in my memory for the rest of my life, as i'm sure it will for everybody else involved in that day.

I was seconded to QM2 to help out with the Security and was able to 'obtain' a ticket for the Christening ceremony for my wife!!! 
That evening we went for a walk around the port and ended up on the pier where the Red Funnel ferries depart from. As we stood there looking across at QM2, all lit up and looking truly splendid, we were listening to the 'opinions' of the crowds of locals around us, also enjoying the same view. The only difference was that we were going to return back onboard later that evening and spend the night onboard. Some of the comments were classics, things like; how many dozens of swimming pools she had; it would only be lottery winners who'd be able to afford to travel on her!
But my lasting memory, apart from standing only inches away from HM when she arrived onboard and her smiling and acknowledging we were there, was when the music stopped and the curtain dropped revealing QM2 there in all her splendour. Even after watching this happen during the rehearsals, it was still a 'shock' when it happened for real, so what it was like for those who didn't know it was going to happen.

Thereby followed several days of smiling and saying "hello" as hundreds of local school children came for their look around during the days, followed by hundreds of Travel journos and other related travel industry people who embarked to spend a night onboard.
Finally, i was able to get my wife back for 2 of the 3 shakedown cruises, and my 3 children for the last one, which culminated in QM2 being 'boarded' by UK Special Forces as we sailed up the English Channel, a quite frightening experience, even as an observer!

Were any other QE2 Forum Members present for that memorable day? If so, then what were your abiding memories?

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