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Hi all,   I thought I’d share some exciting news about a history voyage I am working with Cunard on.   Cunard has long been associated with the City of Southampton. While originally established in Liverpool, it was in November 1919 that Cunard moved its New York express liner service from Liverpool to Southampton.  Mauretania established the route, sailing on 18 November 1919 to New York via Cherbourg. Since that time Cunard has created a long-standing relationship with the City of Southampton; with the port being the home-base for many of its liners, including Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, the QE2 as well as the current Queens.  To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Cunard establishing its Southampton home, Queen Mary 2’s November 2019 Transatlantic Crossing will honour the connection, hosting a variety of on board activities and events.   This includes a travelling historical exhibition on board, with items from Sea City Southampton on display - I’ve been working with the wonderful team at Sea City on this exhibition so it will be really exciting to see it onboard.   I will also be sharing knowledge on the importance of this last century for Cunard on the North Atlantic. Other guest speakers include Penny Legg, author of several books on the history of Southampton, while famed maritime artist Robert Lloyd will be completing a special ‘live’ painting on board during the voyage.  QE2 as you all know was the most successful of the large ocean liners and the Transatlantic crossing from Southampton to New York was her domain - so she will be heavily featured aboard with a dedicated QE2 lecture as well as many QE2 items in the Sea City exhibition.  I’ll be keeping an updated page on my website here: but will also keep the forum updated as new information becomes available.    To join us on this voyage – visit Cunard’s website here: It would be great to have a presence from the Forum aboard! 🚢
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Thanks, Chris, for this exciting information.  Even though the info will be on your website, perhaps you could alert us here on The Forum as new information becomes available.  Many thanks !  June   :)
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Has Chris finally joined Cunard officially ?!
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Online cunardqueen

Not having seen a brochure for many years, lm assuming Cunard have a dedicated page in their brochures to celebrate this event. Well they have had a 100 years to prepare, l would hate to think the PR department are late to the party and are throwing things together.   

I wonder what (if any ) onshore events are planned
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Offline Twynkle

Hopefully, The QE2('s) Mile will be the focus of a Grand Parade!

What we do know Myles, is that there will never ever in Southampton be Anything Remotely Like what we have celebrated in Liverpool - they won't come anywhere near the best ever Big Events up there!
Liverpool Cathedral's been rocking to the sound of Cunarders for Years - The Cunard Building's been flying the flag, entertaining one and all -and there's even the Cunard Bench - Soto'n hasn't even got round to thinking about one of those, or have they?!
...and the most that Carnival House has done, was to fly a Seagull...I think??!!
Maybe they'll do something better on D-DAy...MV Boudicca is making an appearance then...
Heading off to hide now..."the Hampshire's "might be a tad miffed ;)
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Offline Chris Frame

Thanks, Chris, for this exciting information.  Even though the info will be on your website, perhaps you could alert us here on The Forum as new information becomes available.  Many thanks !  June   :)

Of course June! :)
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Offline Chris Frame

Has Chris finally joined Cunard officially ?!

I’m still a very happy independent freelancer Rob! I actually just returned from speaking on Pacific Jewel’s farewell voyage and am about to head off on Aurora to update our book post-refit, so mixing it up. But this is a very exciting voyage and being a November crossing, should be memorable!! 
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Offline Chris Frame

Hello!  Thought you might enjoy some video highlights from the QM2 Cunard Southampton Centenary voyage:    And   
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Online Isabelle Prondzynski

It continues :


Thank you very much, Chris -- great to get an impression of Queen Mary 2 in motion!

Offline Chris Frame

Thanks Isabelle!!
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