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Cunard are looking to share past passenger Cruising Stories for their 180th. I thought given all the QE2 memories here that some of you may be interested in participating in the Cunard 180th Anniversary.

All the details are in this little video below (Call for stories ends 31 May):

*This video was made via sponsored content in collaboration with Cunard*
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Re: Cunard wants your cruising story - 180th Anniversary
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This is interesting information, Chris, thank you. Could you let us know a bit more about the form which this sharing of stories will take? Will it be a book, or a website, or some other form?

It would also be great to hear what your own role will be. You are obviously very well equipped to put together a story, and I am sure you will make a great job of it.

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Re: Cunard wants your cruising story - 180th Anniversary
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To quote Cunard ."Im sorry if this isnt the reply you expected ....but " ::)

If they, and l say they very loosely,  took one look at any page on here they would find enough memories about QE2 to fill a book.  But we all know they dont want that, they see QE2 as an aged realtive , wheel her out when it suits, show her off and then wheel her back  PDQ .  We can place bets that it will be all about the modern fleet and a token nod to the past, and probably one story about QE2, because they have to .
 All of us on here, l am very safe to say have stories to tell about QE2 , and probably some of their other ships .
Who wouldnt love to share a few stories but you know what, the Cunard mailings have dried up a long time ago, The Cunarder magazine stopped many years ago. The Diamond year book l never officially received . i did one time try to call them, and get this  they expected me to pay for the call ! when l did get through l got through to some Fun Fair , well as soon as l heard the word Carnival l hung up . I fear inspite of being Diamond They think lm dead.
 It will be interesting to see or hear what is planned for the 180th . The ground work of planning has already been in place for other Cunard celebrations , and executed perfectly . l guess all the new PR have to do is copy and paste from the past, Oh the glorious past. 
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Re: Cunard wants your cruising story - 180th Anniversary
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Thanks Chris for the information about Cunard looking for stories.  I sent them an email with a short overview - will let you know if they respond.
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