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Author Topic: December 2019 :city ends contract with longtime Queen Mary inspector  (Read 462 times)

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Online CasinoChris

Sounds like typical bureaucratic behaviour, ignore inconvenient facts!

Offline pete cain

That doesn't make good reading does it,?. Talk about shooting the messanger, but oh, let's arrange some more bodies to look at things next year , looks as if progress is being  made (NOT). Poor Queen Mary , what's left of her :'(

Online Olivia

Poor Queen Mary indeed  :( Sad to see her being treated this way, but surely if there were any serious problems then it would be in the city’s own interests to fix/repair her? I imagine she brings in a lot of money, but I suppose they probably get much more these days from that cruise terminal next to her.

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Another blow to QM's future it seems :(
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Online cunardqueen

Well she still there , and still proving a good attraction. Yes if you poke your nose around you will see faults. Theres still talk of removing the sub, but at a cost of a $million which could be better spend else where .
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