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Author Topic: Waverley re-boilering 2020  (Read 2096 times)

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Online Clydebuilt1971

Re: Waverley re-boilering 2020
« Reply #40 on: Aug 24, 2020, 09:19 AM »
Thank you for those - they are terrific!  What a joy to see those paddle wheels whirring round and that wake, and the view off the port side.

She used to make that strange oooOOOP!  noise (hard to describe - a rising hum) which I don't hear in the engine room?

Also, do the new boilers make her any more efficient now?

Hi Rob,

The noise you hear is her steam driven boiler feed pump (one of a pair built by Weir of Cathcart) - that design of pump makes a noise on the up and downstroke. When she gets above a certain engine speed the noise from the pump decreases due to the speed it is having to pump condensate back to the boiler feed system. The lever would have been across the board in that video so you saw that engine going pretty much flat out. This wont be repeated often if at all in service as it places a huge stress on the wheels and also gulps fuel!

The boilers are a more modern version of the Thermax units she had fitted previously. The firing system is brand new so I guess that will add to the efficiency of the system (if you can use efficiency and steam plant in the same sentence :) )

She didnt sail on Friday as planned due to an administration issue (something related to the MCA I am told) but the pax were invited on board and given a coffee etc so at least they werent turned away as they would have been in the "old days"

She was late down the river yesterday too due to a small steam leak - these things will happen as the new plant settles in.

All in all a good start to her micro season. A lot of sailings are sold out I am told (albeit on reduced numbers ) so hopefully that can set the company up for the winter ahead and hopefully she will be allowed to carry more pax by the time season 2021 comes around!


Online Clydebuilt1971

Re: Waverley re-boilering 2020
« Reply #41 on: Aug 24, 2020, 09:22 AM »
Wonderful to see her bombing along with a bone in her teeth in the footage! The drone footage is wonderful too, with the sound of her coming off the berth!
She has the best acceleration and best brakes of any large vessel on the river :)

Online Andy Holloway

Re: Waverley re-boilering 2020
« Reply #42 on: Aug 27, 2020, 07:14 PM »
She's just been[1910 Thursday 27th August.]  on Michael Portillo's 'Great British Railway Journeys' on Yesterday, it is the programme first broadcast in 2015.
He is travelling from Ayr and met, and sailed, on her in/from Greenock.