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Online Isabelle Prondzynski

Definitely a day and night to celebrate! I remember well that very first night when hesitatingly the very first of us nodded to each other, picked up our virtual glasses, told each other who we were and wished this forum well.

Never did we think so far ahead that we imagined we would still be chatting and clinking glasses 14 years later! Rob had really started something -- and he has been keeping us well afloat in this forum ever since then :) .

Thank you all! This forum could not be the source of memories, entertainment, learning and friendship that it has become, without all of you. And of course the first and most important toast tonight must go to our favourite queen, the QE2!

The British national anthem will now sound a bit different to several of us if played on board one of the new ships, as we no longer have the delicious double entendre that we had been associating with the word "Queen"!

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Happy 14th birthday to The Forum ! Many thanks to Rob for envisioning a way to gather together all lovers of QE2 ! We have developed a wonderful international family, and long may it continue !
QE2 - the ship for all of time, a ship of timeless beauty !

Offline Chris

Happy anniversary team QE2!! This is a great resource we should all be proud of.
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Thank you to all!


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