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Author Topic: The QE2 Heritage Collection in Dubai  (Read 355 times)

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The QE2 Heritage Collection in Dubai
« on: Apr 10, 2018, 09:39 AM »
Rob - hopefully this can be informative as well as useful.
It will be so good if people can add small to medium sized photographs here of any and all of the specific items, large and small which can be seen shoreside in the QE2 Cruise Terminal, as well as on board the ship.
There are examples world wide of such collections, where benefactors have donated things as small as teaspoons, and as large as 'bits' of machinery!
Hopefully the Team in Dubai with responsibility for the artefacts, as well as other 'memorabilia', might also use this as a form of a Catalogue too.

A a matter of interest, here is the link to the Artwork and Heritage on board QE2, in the Section here - The QE2's Story,99.0.html

Thank you,
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QE2 had been waiting alongside in Dubai for nearly 12 years.  Please restore her Lifeboats and Tenders to where they truly belong - she looks naked without them - please spare her this ignominy.