Author Topic: Location of Bridge/Wheelhouse equipment over the years  (Read 810 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I am just re-watching a part of the 1983 Whicker's World series on QE2's far eastern cruise that year. At 24 minutes and 18 seconds the officer talking with Alan Whicker about a small yacht in front of the ship blasts one of the two signal mast horns (not both due to the lack of the famous "beat frequency" and doesn't appear to be the bow foghorn either due to being of too low a pitch - not even the original one). What puzzles me is that he was pressing the button on the panel in the location it doesn't appear to be in today (having checked with my photos of the same area of the Bridge) leading me to ask those in the "know" whether the horn/whistle panel was moved during the re-engining and refit of 1986/7? Consequently, what else was moved or changed besides the replacement of radars and their screens over the years (very obvious)?

Here's the episode including what I mentioned above, below:

Also, I was wondering when exactly the ship's original wheel (a miniature wheel in the style of old ship's wheels) was replaced. From my research it must've been in the late 1990s or early 2000s, as I am personally familiar with it's replacement that is still in place today (a plastic wheel much like what one would find in a child sized toy car).

Thank you for any information  :)


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