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Offline Twynkle

Just wondering...again!
Might it be interesting to build a picture and history of the 'small bottles' that used to be sold on board?
These included Port, Whisky, Scotch - the Malt as well as Bourbon, possibly Wine etc...
Were these kept simply for Guests, or was there a supply for Crew, Hotel staff and Officers too?

(PS - just for interest, in QV's bars, there are new small sample bottles of Gin in packs, labelled with names of the current three Cunarders.
Sorry, because although the packs are selling for $28, I didn't enquire about details of the larger amounts.)

QE2 has been waiting alongside in Dubai for very nearly  whole years... she seriously needs to be earning her keep....

Offline cunardqueen

Heres some of what has been bought over the years.
There have been some additions since it started namely 2 x 21 yr old QE2 bottles.
It started with the little black jugs and the full ceramic bottle of QE2 whisky in 1986, and some how grew from there.

What is interesting is l bought on the farewell crossings  2 of the limited edition QE2/QM2 farewell whisky decanters.
They were pretty expensive and l never really studied them till i got home , But for it to be whisky, well l assuming its whisky, there is no mention of the age, brand, ABV or anything to say whats inside..

Surely Cunard wouldnt have sold me a bottle of cold tea... ::)
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Offline cunardqueen

and a few more. The Famous QE2 are pretty rare, only two in the world... ;)
The QE2 miniture is in sad condition, the stelvin closure is partly not sealed and was bought for a song when you could buy such things from the auction site.and some has vanished, but the original full size bottle remains in superb condition, But then it was stored away for a great many years by the previous owner and lay undisturbed for as long again. 
From the moment you first glimpsed the Queen,
 you just knew you were in for a very special time ahead.!

Offline Andy Holloway

I've got 2 bottles, in tubes, of QE2 12 Year old Auchentoshan Single Malt.

I can't remember buying them and only found them at the back of a cupboard when 'my good lady' was sorting out our vast array of Cunard Items.

Offline Trevor Casey

Myles, You certainly are a collector!
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Offline Malcolm

We've got a bottle of the 40th Anniversary limited edition 12 year old (ours is number 50). They were selling it on the WC in 2008. It wasn't expensive and we bought quite a lot just to drink as we went along - it wasn't a particularly good malt but it sufficed for everyday drinking.


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