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Surplus items.
« on: Aug 05, 2017, 11:22 AM »
As promised here are some photos of the first of my 'Surplus Items' that will be available to purchase at Glasgow this Sept.

Apologies to anyone not able to attend but, due to circumstances, these items will ONLY be available on the day and at the event.

Item No. 1;  A Crew T Shirts from the 2001 Dry Dock in Bremmerhaven. New and still in it's bag, this is in size Large.

Item no. 2; A cloth sew on badge, i've no idea where this came from!

Item No. 3; A novelty key ring, with a 'sliding' QE2 model inside.  I've put 3 pictures on to show both sides and, the faxt it 'sails' from S'ton to NY!

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Re: Surplus items.
« Reply #1 on: Aug 07, 2017, 11:58 AM »
Thanks for adding these photos of the items Graham, I hope forum members are interested.  It is very generous of you to offer the proceeds of anything sold to go to the QE2 conference funds. 
I am proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank

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Surplus items.
« Reply #2 on: Aug 11, 2017, 04:28 PM »
Another items for 'sale' at the Glasgow Celebration event.

"QE2. A celebration of Forty Years of Service."

These were produced by Southampton Daily Echo in a limited edition and this one is numbered 1752, original price was £15.

This is how the Daily Echo marketed it in 2007. 

FOR decades she has been a familiar sight on the Southampton waterfront but now her days on the oceans are numbered as liner Queen Elizabeth 2 is to be withdrawn from service next year.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the liner's launch by the Queen in 1967 the Daily Echo has produced a unique publication that traces the history of QE2 from its inception and build, through the troubled times which forced the delay of her maiden voyage, her multi-millionpound re-engineering during the 1980s, the many ups and, quite a few, downs during an unequalled career, the like of which is unlikely ever to be seen again.

The book, QE2, A Celebration of Forty Years Service, contains dozens of photographs taken over the decades and held in the Daily Echo archives as the ship criss-crossed the seven seas carrying the name of Southampton, emblazoned on her hull, to all corners of the globe.

Crammed with fascinating facts and figures about the most famous liner in the world, the glossy 148-page publication, a strictly-limited edition, is to become highly sought-after once QE2 leaves Southampton for the last time on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 to become a floating hotel in Dubai.

The book takes readers on a tour of the liner, recounts the stories of the famous, and infamous, characters who have travelled on the ship and remembers the time the ship was targeted by an extortionist who claimed explosives had been planted on board, resulting in a crack team of SAS bomb disposal experts parachuting into mid-Atlantic to ensure QE2 was safe.  Actually there was only 1 SAS man, the rest of the 4 strong party was made up of 2 Royal Marines and a RAOC Ammunition Technician [Bomb Disposal to you and me!

Then there was the time in September 1995 when a 96ft rogue wave struck QE2 fullon, the full-scale alert when IRA explosives were discovered on board in Southampton, and Frank Sinatra's private telephone calls to arrange a discreet dinner with Princess Margaret.

£30 cash, to be paid directly to the organising committee on the day secures this item, strictly first come first served! If there are no takers prior to Glasgow then i won't waste valuable baggage space on my flight and bring something else.


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