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QE2 1980's Dates of World and extended Cruises
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Source: Extract from QE2 World Cruise information produced by Michael Gallagher, Cunard Historian


17 January to 6 April 1980: “The tenth anniversary world cruise” 80 days 26 ports, 23 countries.  29,497 miles
Note: QE2 became the largest vessel to transit both the Panama and Suez Canals on the same voyage. The largest number of passengers ever were carried on the ship.

18 January to 8 April 1981:  "Six Continent Odyssey" World Cruise 80 days, 24 ports.  33,946 miles
Note: First ever World Cruise to visit all six continents

17 January to 7 April 1982:  “A modern classic” World Cruise 80 days, 27 ports. 31,393 miles

19 January to 16 April 1983: “Great Pacific and Oriental Odyssey” Extended Cruise.  89 days and 29 ports.  38,065 miles
Note: On 18 March QE2 completed two million nautical miles.

16 January to 13 April 1984: The Quintessential World Cruise’ 88 days, 28 ports

13 January to 18 April 1985: “The Golden Route” World Cruise 95 days, 34 ports

15 January to 20 April 1986: “Capture the Spirit of the Explorers” World Cruise 95 days, 32 ports
•     QE2’s first visit to the west coast of South America.
•   First ever, live TV transmissions received at sea.
•   Last extended cruise as a steamship
•   British Airways Concorde chartered by Cunard (same as 1985)

1987:  QE2 did not undertake a World Cruise in 1987 because of re-engining work October 1986 to April 1987. 

Note: Between 1975 to 1986 she sailed on 9 World Cruises and 3 extended voyages. 

13 January to 29 April 1988: ‘Voyage to the Southern Crown’ Extended Voyage.  107 days, 38 ports

•First extended voyage as a diesel electric vessel.
•As a result of the huge collapse in stock market prices in October 1987 Cunard reported that they had received $1 million in cancellations for the voyage in just one day.
•For her Panama Canal transit on 21 January 1988 QE2 paid $100,000 –the highest toll ever.
•On 27 January 1988 in Los Angeles US Customs Officials, accompanied by sniffer dogs, boarded QE2 for a routine search which resulted in the discovery of one gram of cannabis in crew quarters and various ‘souvenirs’ taken by disembarking passengers.
•When arriving in Wellington on 11 February 1988 QE2 met three sail training ships on their way to the Heads: Dar Mlodziezy (Poland), Juan Sebastian del Cano (Spain) and Guayas (Ecuador). The three ships were on their way home from the Australian Bicentennial Celebrations.
•On the evening of 15 February 1988 a special Australian Bicentennial Ball celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the founding of Australia was held on board. The Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawke and Dame Joan Sutherland attended. While there were other cruises ships in Sydney QE2 was the only one officially included in the Bicentennial programme.
•In Melbourne on 18 February 1988 crew members voted to strike or not – the majority decided not to.
•A total solar eclipse was witnessed on 18 March.

13 January –27 March 1989:  ‘Round South America and Circle Pacific’ extended Cruises 74 days, 27 ports

South America: 37 days, 15 ports
(13 Jan – 19 Feb)
Pacific: 37 days 12 ports
(19 Feb – 27 March)
Note: A shorter than usual World Cruise in order to position QE2 in Yokohama for a 72-day charter (30 March – 9 June). Upon completion of charter, QE2 sailed from Honolulu to Southampton: 25 days (9 June – 3 July).In March

QE2 experienced a sudden and severe South Pacific storm while on the Tahiti – Auckland leg of the voyage. 40-foot waves and 60-knot winds. 30 passengers had to be treated for injuries by the doctor and damage included a broken piano. The weather forecast had not predicted the storm so Captain Bennell could not avoid it.

26 November to 21 December 1989: QE2 undertook another extended cruise in 1989 to position her in Japan for the 180-day (28 December 1989 – 19 June 1990) Japanese charter.  27 days, 12 ports
Note: QE2 sailed from Honolulu to Yokohama without passengers (21 – 28 December 1989).

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I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank

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Re: QE2 1980's Dates of World and extended Cruises
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These Cunard Berlitz Guides were given to passengers on the 1988 World Cruise "The Voyage of the Southern Crown" with information on the ports of call.
I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank


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