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QM and QE memorabilia
« on: Jan 26, 2017, 11:55 PM »
Chris (Clydebuilt2) has sent some great information about his memorabilia from Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.

I thought my fellow Forum members may appreciate seeing these Cunard Treasures which we bought on eBay over the last 10+ years.
The Queen Mary lithograph (attached) came from the collection of Kenneth C. Schulz, who was a major collector of maritime memorabilia in Hoboken, New Jersey USA. This must have been painted  by William McDowell before September 1934 as her name is missing and there are about 14 portholes leading up to her bow which she doesn’t have. From memory, I think she has about 3 or 4 portholes around where her name is now.

NB: This photograph was taken the day it arrived from the USA, once we’d unwrapped it and before we put it up on the wall in our living room!
The second and third photographs (attached) show an original carpet which came from cabin C214 on RMS Queen Elizabeth - which was an aft portside inner cabin near her stern. The carpet was purchased by a lady in the early/mid 1950’s from an antique dealer called Mr Ansty, who had a stall at the market in Hemel Hempstead for the (unbelievable) sum of £5, after the RMS Queen Elizabeth had her first refit. The lady then took it home on the number 317 bus! where it was installed in her tiny front room and no one was allowed to wear shoes into that room ever! (except her vicar apparently!) which explains its great condition. (The carpets in Cabin Class on the “Lizzie” were designed by Mrs Agnes Pinder Davis, who also designed carpets for the RMS Queen Mary, including the Main Lounge of RMS Queen Mary.)
The painting on the wall is the RMS Queen Elizabeth, along with two other great ships; Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria which was the largest of the three ships used by Columbus in his first voyage and The Sirius, which was a side-wheel wooden-hulled steamship built in 1837 for the London-Cork route operated by the Saint George Steam Packet Company. The next year, she opened transatlantic steam passenger service when she was chartered for two voyages by the British and American Steam Navigation Company. By arriving in New York a day ahead of the Great Western, she is usually listed as the first holder of the Blue Riband, although the term was not used until decades later. (Thanks are due to Wikipedia for this information.)

This painting has the artist’s name “Lupton” in the bottom right hand corner. I was told by the seller on eBay that Lupton was famous for posters for London Underground, but I have not been able to verify this or find any information on “Lupton”.
The fourth photograph (attached) shows the destination of the carpet after manufacture – Cabin C214 – the “QE” representing the RMS Queen Elizabeth. We continued the “No Shoes” tradition while we had it. Sadly we no longer own the QE carpet.
Kind Regards
Clydebuilt2 (Chris)

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Re: QM and QE memorabilia
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My most prized possession is a hand written letter and signed Queen Elizabeth menu from Commodore Geoffrey Marr.  It dates from the pre-internet days of 1979, when I was trying to obtain a copy of Commodore Marr's book, The Queens and I.   Having no success at my local book shop, I thought I would go straight to the horse's mouth, and accordingly went to the library to search for  Commodore Marr's address.  Armed with that information, I wrote to him, and enquired about the availability of his book.  I was delighted to receive a reply, although he could not help me, as the book was out of print. However, he did advise me that there was an up-coming BBC programme  - 'The Liners' -  in which he was appearing.  Naturally, I made sure I watched that .  Apart from the lovely letter, he also sent me a Queen Elizabeth lunch menu, signed by him on the front.  I count myself extremely fortunate to have such treasures, given to me by a true English gentleman and last captain of the beautiful Elizabeth. 

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Re: QM and QE memorabilia
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Absolutely gorgeous carpet.
Enjoyer of classic cinema, literature, and music.

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Re: Cunard, QM and QE memorabilia and QE@
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Lots 574 and 673 Dukes Auction Rooms Soon!

There is a sale available online - recommended on Facebook by a very enthusiastic collector!

Here at:

Hopefully the link will work - signing in is essential for anyone making bids
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