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QE2 Repair 25 July to 5 August 1976
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The QE2 Story would like to thank Michael Gallagher for giving his permission to extract information from information he had compiled on refits and allowing us to make this information available on the QE2 Story Forum. 

Date: 25 July – 5 August 1976
Place: Southampton
Captain: M Hehir


23 July 1976:  “QE2 was steaming about 80 miles off the Scilly Isles heading for New York when the flexible coupling drive connecting the starboard main engine high pressure rotor and the reduction gearbox ruptured. As a result lubricating oil under pressure was released into the main engine room with ignited creating a severe fire and explosion. The oil burned for 20 minutes before it could be brought under control. During that time the oil burned fiercely and flames shot up the funnel’s ventilating shaft about 100-foot away, blackening and buckling the funnel casing high above the passenger decks.”

Read more details on the QE2 Story topic 1976 fire, explosion & damage to QE2 including the funnel

“A 22-year-old engineer, Kenneth Lyon, from Liverpool was seriously burned on the face and arm and was taken to a burns unit ashore in a Salisbury hospital. The hospital stated that he was the “best looked after” burns case ever admitted, a great tribute to the medical staff on board QE2.”

We were delighted when Ken Lyon contacted the QE2 Story and told us what he remembers of the incident.

25 July 1976: The ship arrived back in Southampton and the passengers were disembarked.

Repairs: QE2 was put into dry-dock where an access hole was cut in her side to remove the damaged machinery and install its replacement. QE2 remained in Dry-Dock before being positioned alongside the Ocean Terminal.

Note: "A round-trip Atlantic voyage was cancelled so repairs could be carried out. The 1,227 passengers on board this voyage and the 1,400 booked on the return were offered a 20% reduction of fares on the cancelled trips, or 50% off the fares of a future Cunard voyage – practically all opted for the 50%."

5 August 1976: QE2 returned to service after day and night repair work by engineers to repair the broken coupling.

Permanent Repairs:A new set of turbine blades replacing the ones damaged in an engine room fire were fitted in January 1977 at Bayonne (New Jersey) during a special repairs period.

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