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Author Topic: QE2 JIGSAW REFIT (SIGN UP) LIST  (Read 8909 times)

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« Reply #20 on: Sep 11, 2020, 01:05 AM »
We will soon be heading into the Autumn and Winter months (in some parts of the world), and one's thoughts might turn to doing a jigsaw puzzle.

We do have a QE2 Story Jigsaw Club with Jim as Mascot. See Jim's photo in a number of QE2 (jigsaw) refit photos.

I have to admit and apologize that I have not kept the jigsaw puzzle request list up to date. See the first post in this topic to see the jigsaws available for refit. I currently am working on jigsaw no. 3.

If anyone would like to work on a jigsaw, we can update our list and send it out to you. Photos of work in progress and completion photos are highly recommended.  :)
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