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Passenger ships of the 1960s
« on: Dec 05, 2014, 05:53 AM »
hey guys this is totally random, what were the most successful transatlantic liners of the 60's. I know the france was successful and supposibly the ss united states still carried decent passengers even towards 1969, by decent I mean 50%, how successful was the Rotterdam on transatlantic  crossings? I know the qe2 came out later in 69, the Italian ships raffle and Michelangelo, how successful were they,passenger wise, thanks
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Re: passenger ships of the 60's
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I would say the most successful ships of the 60's in general would have been the Canberra/Oriana pair as they both efficent and ground breaking for their time, and were far more advanced mechanically than the SS France.  It was said that these two could easly have subsituted for the Queens on a TA run even though they were a little slower. How their hulls would have held up to the pounding over the long term doing TA's would be another matter, but both were extremely well built.
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Re: passenger ships of the 60's
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Most successful transatlantic liners of of 1960's is an interesting question. 

The Cunard ships Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth were certainly built for the transatlantic crossings but the Cunard line suffered financially in the 1960's.  I noticed in the Last Ocean Liners web site there is a mention that Cunard carried a third of transatlantic passengers in the 1950's and 1960's but of course passenger number is just part of the story.  The Last Ocean Liners web site also has sailing schedules as well
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Re: Passenger ships of the 1960s
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I think the most successful liners were the ones that were designed for cruising as well. The France was generally full, but cost so much to run. The Rotterdam, Canberra, and Oriana all would have been successful as well as the Nieuw Amsterdam and Statendam. The QE2 did not enter the scene until the tail-end of the decade, but it was ultimately successful overall. The Sagafjord probably did well and the Eugenio C. must have done something right because it sailed with Costa until the 1990s.
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