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The main players in this tale were Martin Harrison (2nd Engineer), Alastair Harmon(Senior 2nd Engineer) and John Grant (Chief Engineer). White haired Jim Wheat (Engineer of watch in the control room) and myself played minor roles as being bystanders and witnesses to what transpired... the year was 1980.

For the sake of peoples sensitivities I have replaced the "F" word with the word "broken"... so as you read on remember this as it adds color to what happened

At some point during Jim's watch one of the main compressors in the TG room below ceased to function, Martin who was 2nd Engineer of the watch was joined by Alastair to investigate what had happened and why it wasn't working. A crowd gathered at the machine as another engineer (possibly Jimmy Hayes) and an assortment of mechanics came to be part of what was happening. Jim Wheat and I were watching this through the window of the control room that in those days allowed the person in the control room to look out on the machinery space. I had been in the space in the crowd, but, once it was determined it wasn't electrical I retreated to the control room to tell Jim as much as I knew of what was going on. While Jim and I were watching the Chief came into the control room behind us from the working alleyway and asked us what was happening.... we said we weren't quite sure but knew it wasn't electrical. The Chief being who he was wasn't overly pleased with our response, but, just as we finished Martin enters and climbs the stairs from the TG room... the Chief turned to Martin and said "What is the problem Martin"... Martin replied "It's broken (remember the substitution) Chief". This response displeased the Chief and he entered into a long tirade at Martin about how the company had invested time in him for his education and training and that was the best he could do by way of a technical explanation of what was wrong "It's broken".. Martin shrank and Jim and I stood in stunned silence, but, just as the tirade came to an end the door from the machinery space opened again and in walked Alastair.. as quick as a lick the Chief added to his tirade by saying "Her's Alastair now I'll get some sense of whats wrong".. to Alastair he said "What's the problem Alastair"... Alastair's response was "It's well Broken (remember the substitution) Chief". On hearing this the Chief lost all momentum, his shoulders slumped and he turned and left. Jim, I and Martin (once we knew the Chief had left the room) started laughing, we filled Alastair in on what had happened and he laughed.

So the difference between a 2nd Engineer and a Senior 2nd Engineer is the word "well" in describing a problem.

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Just two words, Love it !!! John

Offline Rod

Thats how you get to be s Senior Second...Accuracy my boy...accuracy!

Offline John Grace

Rod ... you hit the nail on the head..... what I remember most about the incident was the total look of defeat on the Chief's face and posture at Alastair's response... it was precious


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