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QE2 Contractors
« on: Jun 20, 2009, 03:12 PM »
I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me out.

I am trying to make a comprehensive list of any contractors that were contracted to do work on Order 736.  I have been in John Brown's archives in Glasgow University and I have managed to pick out many from the extensive documents.  However, I really do not want to leave any gaps!  If anyone can help me, I would be really appreciative.  
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Re: Contractors
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Wow Lynsey, that's quite an undertaking!  While I don't have any rock solid info for this post, are you asking for primary contractors or primary and their associated sub-contractors? 

I would think that GU would have comprehensive information but you could also try Maritime Archives and Library at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.  I have been researching drawings for an eventual model and these are the repositories of info that I've found thus far.  Perhaps they could be of some service to you.



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Re: Contractors
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I am looking at all contractors based on the project as a whole, so I can identify key ones and hopefully invade their archives  ;)

Thanks for the tip off on the other sources.  What kind of information do they hold?

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Re: Contractors
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Not quite sure of all they have since I working on this from the other side of the pond.  I do eventually want to make a trip over their to conduct some research "on premises" and perhaps visit John Brown and the Cunard offices in Liverpool - sort of my own heritage trail. 

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Re: Contractors
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Re: Contractors
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Has anyone been to the Cunard museum or the National Maritime for QE2 research?

I would like to know what it is like before I start filling up the petrol tank because I am skint and don't want to be disappointed when I get there lol

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Re: Contractors
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I enjoy a read of this from time to time, I'm sure there is a link elsewhere on here but I'll post it again. There is mention of designers etc in the text if you are prepared to read through it and some wonderful photos of the original interior.

What an interesting project, seeing the John Brown archives must be fascinating, good luck with your studies.


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