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Dear All,

I have just joined the Forum today in the hope of finding some people who knew and worked with Lynn Waring.  She is celebrating a big birthday in May next year (70!) and I am hoping to compile a Memory Book - a bit like, 'This is your QE2 Life!'

Full details of my search can be found on the following Forum:,10.0.html

Lynn recently wrote the following note to my daughter (her grand-daughter) about her time at Sea.  Does it evoke any memories!

When she was 21 she became a lady assistant pursuer on the RMS Queen Elizabeth. She was the board sectary, sectary of services and a receptionist.

Three years later in 1969 she was promoted to Captain Secretary on the new cruise liner QE2. Out of all her jobs on the HMS QE and later jobs on the QE2, being the captain’s sectary was her favourite. Her job included the roles of personal assistant to the captain, staff captain, doctor as well as the hotel manager and social sectary. Being social sectary meant that she had to arrange entertainment for the VIP’s.

Every cruise the VIPs would be invited for drinks in the captain’s cabin where Lynn would be the hostess. One voyage the Queens Jeweller was on board.  He and Lynn bonded instantly and became friends. He entertained her with stories of how, when the Queen went to open parliament he would be standing by with tweezers and glue in case any jewels fell off the Crown jewels. He was invited to the Captain’s cabin for drinks one night and let Lynn and the captain’s wife wear a piece of jewellrey from his collection as a way of showing thanks and appreciation. Lynn wore a necklace that cost around £10,000. This is where her love of jewellrey began as she has now earned the nickname ‘Grandma Bling’. As well as meeting the queen’s jeweler she also met the queen’s mother and many other celebrities such as; Derek Bogarde, Rex Harrison, Sir Michael Redgrave, Richard Todd, Danny La Rue, Harry Seacombe, Joe loss and danced with Anthony Hopkins.

Lynn then went on a short leave, when she returned she was offered a place being the Social Directress on the QE2. This meant she was in charge of entertainment from organizing fashions shows to interviewing celebrities or just organizing singers to entertain the guests.

She then left for good when she was 38 after 17 years of service to the HMS QE and the QE2. In that time she had travelled around the world 7 times as well as doing smaller cruises to places like Europe, America, Australia, Caribbean, Asia and Africa. She says that the most interesting country she visited was China – this was before it was westernized. However her favourite place to visit was Norway as when there, she found out it was where her family were from. She also thought that Hawaii was beautiful and stunning. Lynn loved her job as she says “It was getting paid to travel the world with my best friends and celebrities”

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Re: Anyone remember my Step-Mum - Lynn Waring? (1969 - mid 80's)
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Hello Jane, and welcome in the Forum. You really have a remarkable stepmother! I can see why it gives you so much pleasure to prepare a wonderful birthday surprise for her.

Her description of life on board is so vivid and detailed, showing yet another aspect of crew life that we had not previously covered here in the Forum.

It will be interesting to read some more about your own memories -- whether you ever saw the QE2, and which memories of your stepmum are most vivid in your recollection. Do you have some special souvenirs which she brought from on board?
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Re: Anyone remember my Step-Mum - Lynn Waring? (1969 - mid 80's)
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Yes, welcome to Jane !  June   :)
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