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The QE2 Story Newsletter August 2011
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Welcome to the QE2 Story’s August 2011 Newsletter

As with every month on the we've had another busy and interesting month, with far more posts and topics appearing than I have been able to keep up with! Thanks as always to everyone for that, for continuing to make the Forum the success it is.

A very warm welcome to all the recent new members, we look forward to chatting to some of you soon, and hearing about your thoughts and memories of QE2.

Most excitingly this month is the completion of the Dubai 2012 DVD so I’ll get straight on with the update on that....

QE2 in Dubai DVD – FINISHED!

As no doubt most of you will have noticed, either because your copy has already arrived, or by posts from satisfied customers on the Forum, the much anticipated Dubai 2011 DVD is now, very excitingly finished and in the process of being distributed to all those who pre-ordered.,3451.0.html

Many thanks to all who ordered, it has been a huge encouragement to have support up front for this project. Rob and others have put a massive amount of work into it, and the support from our members really does make the whole thing possible. I know I’m not the only one hoping the success of this one will encourage new ventures in future. Ideas, anyone?!

To anyone who didn't pre-order but would like a copy, don't worry, it's not too late, an announcement will be made soon informing you when we are able to make the DVD generally available to all through the Forum shop.

QE2 2012 Calender & Photo Competition

As if the DVD project wasn't enough, the Calender is being worked on at top speed as well, design work is progressing well behind the scenes and is looking like it's shaping up very nicely. Lynda has been working with a professional printer on this one to ensure a really high class end product, definitely worth the effort for a really different type of QE2 memento.

Ordering for this will be carried out in the same way as the DVD. If you would like a copy of this calender, our Forum's very own QE2 tribute, please pre-order at the link below. Please note, payment is not required at this stage.  Everyone who has pre-ordered will soon be receiving an email with ordering and payment details.,3357.0.html

As you know the photographs for the calender are coming from the Photo of the Month competition, so the better the photos in the competition, the better the finished result, so dig deep and enter the very best you have for all to share and enjoy! In September there will be two photo competition topics:  QE2 on the Clyde and QE2 Crew at Work.  These will be the last entries for inclusion in the 2012 Calendar.

See the Photo Competition discussions for more information :,3306.0.html

For copyright reasons, if the winning photograph any month is not an original work by whoever submits it, the highest voted original work will be used in the calender for that month instead.

Taking part is easy:

1. Have a look at the easy to follow instructions,3312.0.html

2. Post your photo in the Forum Gallery.  Topic for August 2011 is “QE2 : On Deck”

3. Vote for up to three photos from those that members have posted in the Forum Gallery Photo Album for the previous month i.e. “July 2011- QE2 Food & Buffets''.  Everyone can vote! Poll and voting instructions have been posted here:,3361.0.html

Live Chat – Last Sunday of each Month

For those who have missed it so far, I draw your attention to the new monthly get together in the Crystal Bar (Forum Chat Room).

With members all over the world it can be hard in the Chat Room to find other members around at the same time as you, so kicking off last month we have revived an idea from the early days of the Forum and have set a time for the last Sunday each month to get together in the Crystal Bar.

This month the last Sunday is the 28th and although all members are welcome in there at any time as always, there are planned start times to allow for members around the world to take part. For full information see link below:,3345.msg35749.html#msg35749

Topic of the Month - Officers, Crew and Workers Memories

There's no better way to get a feel for something than with direct information from those involved, and with so many of the stories told about life behind the scenes making such fascinating reading and helping increase our understanding of how the personnel aspect of the ship worked, I thought I’d encourage anyone who hasn't done so to get reading to gain a fascinating insight into crew life!

And, for all of our former crew members, maybe there are more stories you would be kind enough to share with us?  I'm sure they'd be well received and much enjoyed!,10.0.html

PS Waverley – Clyde last chance for 2012 and book now for the South of England!

Despite difficult odds, Waverley has kept sailing through this season, and now has only another week or so left on its native River Clyde before heading south to cruise the South Coast and River Thames for September and into October. For those in the south this is a really great opportunity to go for a unique day out on a real steamship, a paddle steamer too no less, and to see the beautiful south coast from a different perspective....

If anyone is going on a South Coast or Thames trip, maybe put a post up on the Forum and see if any other Forum members plan to be onboard, and a bit of a get together might be possible!

The official website for the Waverley, complete with timetables and online booking is:

And an excellent fansite with many photos, voyage reports and news updates, well worth a look at:

You can also read more in the “PS Waverley the world’s last ocean-going paddle steamer” topic.,397.80.html

And finally....

Once again we gratefully thank all members who have contributed to the running costs of the Forum over the last month. It does cost to keep the site active, and it does take a lot of effort too, so we are always very grateful for donations no matter how small!

With that out the way, I would like to remind everyone that the Moderating Team is always here and available to help with any problems or difficulties, and listen to constructive criticism and suggestions. The Forum is all of ours  -- so anyone with ideas for improvement, please feel very welcome to come forward...,2333.0.html


Andrew Collier, on behalf of
The QE2 Story Forum Moderating Team.
The Virtual Staff Captain