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QE2 Story Newsletter March 2012
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Forum Upgrade

After months of planning, Rob recently upgraded the forum to a new version.  This should make the forum easier to use for everybody, and also 'future proofs' it, so that we can continue to keep the legend of QE2 alive for a long time to come!  We hope you like it, but just let us know if you have any problems.

Whether you are a new member or have been with the Forum for a long time it is worthwhile having a look at the upgraded Forum.

 Featured Topic Boards:

This month we would like to feature the following two topic boards that keep the memory of QE2 alive:

 The ship herself, passenger areas

The main aim of the QE2 Story Forum is keeping the memory alive and what better way of doing this than in the “The Ship Herself, Passenger Areas” topic boards, where photos and stories keep memories alive of the changes to passenger areas of the QE2. 

Members who have sailed on QE2 over a number of years will remember these public areas in their different incarnations.   Others who only sailed on her in later years will be interested in how the ship looked in her earlier life. 

Have a look and enjoy the memories of QE2’s passenger areas.,38.0.html

Passenger and Enthusiasts QE2 Memories

We love to hear your memories about QE2.  Barrie Evans has posted his memories about the Final Mediterranean Cruise that returned to Southampton in November 2008.  Have a look at what Barrie has written and hopefully you will also think about posting your memories.,3673.0.html

Photo Competition Prizes

We have already announced, in the Photo Competitions Topic Board, details of books that have been donated as prizes for the February and March Photo Competition.  But there are more wonderful prizes that have been donated including a book for the May competition (voted for in June) to correspond with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee celebrations in June. 

Photo Competition Prizes for February and March:

Amberley Publishing have very generously donated a copy of William H Miller's new book "The Last Atlantic Liners - Getting there is half the fun" for us to give away as a prize in the February photo competition!

Chris Frame has donated a copy of his wonderful book "The QE2 Story" for us to give away as a prize in the March photo competition!

Thank-you to everyone who has been voting for the February Photo of the Month competition!  Remember the poll will be open until 31 March and you can vote here:,4121.0.html

The theme for the March Photo of the Month competition is "Flagship" which has generated some amazing photos.  The closing date for entries is 31 March so there is still time to enter your photos. Maybe you have the winning photo and could win that prize. 

The theme for the April competition is “QE2’s Boat Deck” with a closing date of 30 April 2012 for entries.  Look out for details of the prize for the April competition, which will be announced next week. 

Have a look at the instructions for March and April competitions and think about entering up to three photos.,82.0.html

Ask the Engineer

For the past month or so, Rod Fair, Engineer on QE2 from 1971 to 1988, has accepted questions from Forum members about his life and work on board.,4037.0.html

All kinds of questions are possible, from details about his work, to the domestic chores he had to carry out for himself on board. More questions are welcome, and I am sure that Rod will provide us with more insights into his years spent on our favourite ship.

Queen Mary Inventory Report

We know that many QE2 Story Forum members have an interest in the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  Last month, Stowaway 2K posted a link to a very comprehensive final inventory report survey, of original and decorative arts on the Queen, which is worthwhile reading.  Follow this link to see Kyle’s post.,4088.msg43652.html#msg43652

Welcome, Guidance, Forum News

The Moderator Team is always looking for improvements that we can make to the Forum. We recognized how important it is for new members to have easy to understand instruction about the Forum. We decided to tidy the “Welcome, Guidance, Forum News” topic board area and group information and instructions within four child boards called:

Welcome: New members welcome board.
Instructions: Such as how to send personal messages or reduce the size of a photo to post on the Forum.
Site News Information and Publicity: Where you can find the Forum Newsletters, cards to promote the site with and media contact information.
Forum Policy and Etiquette: With guidance of what you can post on the Forum and a reminder about Internet etiquette. 

Have a look and if you have any suggestions for further improvements let us know:,7.0.html

Thank-you for all your support and we hope you continue to enjoy being a member of the Forum. 
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