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2011 Year-end Newsletter
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2011 Year-end Newsletter

QE2 news 2011
(message from Rob)

As I write this, QE2 has spent over 3 years in Port Rashid in Dubai.  If her original plan had been executed, the almost unrecognisable New QE2 Hotel might have been preparing to welcome its first visitors to see its glass funnel and giant engine room theatre about now; but our ship continues to sit there, unspoilt. 

As always this year, there have been lots of rumours and news stories but after going and seeing for myself at the end of April, and then following the news since then, I think there is simply nothing to report.  She is laid up, having just essential maintenance carried out to keep her safe.  The smoke coming from her funnel makes it look like she could set sail at any moment, but this is no longer true.  I hope Captain Bill Cooper and his excellent crew enjoy Christmas on board her again this year and, as always, we will bring you all the news that’s fit to print (and some that isn't) as it happens.

Step aboard the iconic QE2 to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2011 in style
(update from Rob)

Earlier this month the Dubai World Media Centre informed us about a key event for a limited number of guests onboard QE2.  A New Year party onboard QE2 is good news for the ship as it keeps her in the limelight.   If you would like to be there the cost of a ticket, your accommodation and a flight to Dubai are all that stand between you and a reunion with QE2. 

The tickets are priced at AED 3000 (approx £500/€630/$816) and AED 6000 (approx £1000 / €1250/$1630).

As you can imagine there has been quite a bit of discussion on this topic,3777.0.html

 Ask the Captain
(update from Rob)

In February 2011, maritime author Chris Frame arranged for Commodore Ronald Warwick to answer questions posted by members of TheQE2Story's discussion forum. Thank you, Chris, for taking this on -- and our thanks too to Ron Warwick for the detailed and sometimes surprising responses to each of our questions.

Click the link to see what he had to say!

For your comments, please return here:,2989.0.html

 New Members "how to get started" guide
(update from Isabelle)

The Moderating Team are keen to give support to members to make sure they are getting the most from the Forum. Isabelle is putting together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) together with some hopefully helpful answers, which can serve as a start-up kit for new members. To begin this task we need to know what problems did you have when you joined? What problems do you still have? Please have a look at the topic and let us know how we can support newcomers.,3787.0.html

Sea Shanties – an area of the Forum dedicated to non QE2 maritime discussions

 PS Waverley
(update from Lynda)

Increased running costs had meant last season could have been the final voyage for the Clyde-built Waverley.
An appeal for donations of at least £350,000 had raised more than £140,000, from donors all over Scotland, England and Wales. Forum members were pleased to hear that a substantial donation from Euro Millions Lottery winners from Largs in Scotland would allow the Waverley to sail on the Clyde next year. 

We know that many members are interested in reading news about the Paddle Steamer Waverley in the Sea Shanties topic area. Have a look at this interesting topic board.,45.0.html

SS Rotterdam
(update from Isabelle)

While the search continues for a long-term owner to take over the SS Rotterdam, the ship is proving herself to be lively and exciting, with activities going on at all times. She has become a popular venue for photo shoots, opera and theatre performances, wedding anniversaries and special occasion dinners, and also serves as a hotel for other events taking place in Rotterdam itself. There will, of course, be a glitzy New Year’s party there too. The three tenant companies (running the hotel business, the conference / events business and the ship as such) have been co-operating more closely this year, which means that the public rooms are now more often accessible to hotel and day visitors.

The Facebook pages of the ship list the upcoming activities and show pictures and videos of events, and you can also request a regular e-mail.

Even though the SS Rotterdam staff all speak excellent English as well as Dutch (and other languages too), the Facebook pages and newsletters so far have been largely in Dutch. This may change next year, as a special effort has been started to provide an English version much more often.

Read more here:,46.0.html

 Saga Ruby
(update from Isabelle)

This fine British (Swan Hunter) built liner (1973) started life as the Vistafjord, later became the third Caronia, and was for many years (1983-2004) a sister ship to QE2. As QE2Story Forum member Pete Cain has documented, she bears a remarkable likeness to QE2. Have a look at his excellent pictures and descriptions here :,3667.0.html

For those of us who are over 50 (or over 40 and in the company of an over-50-year-old), she is currently the closest ship to QE2 remaining in active service, and no doubt a ship to experience before one day she too will be forced to retire. Her beautiful French-built older sister, the Sagafjord become Saga Rose, has already been taken out of service and dismantled in China.

Would it be an idea to envisage a QE2Story Forum reunion on board Saga Ruby and enjoy her while she is going strong?

More here:,81.0.html

 Clydebank fitting out basin
(update from Lynda)

Forum members were shocked to read about plans to fill in or partially fill in the John Brown’s Shipyard Fitting out Basin in Clydebank. Not only did members air their views on the Forum many also protested to the relevant authorities.  In December Rosie was pleased to report on a response she had received confirming that the Dawn Group (the company making plans for re-development of Clydebank) had announced that they would not be proceeding with either partial, or total filling in of the Fitting-out Basin.  We were also pleased to learn that the site has been visited by Historic Scotland in relation to making this a listed site.

Follow the link if you would like to read more about this topic.,3495.0.html

 Photo Competition
(update from Lynda)

We hope members have enjoyed contributing to the Photo Competition as much as we have enjoyed organising it. Not only has this given us the opportunity for some fabulous photos to be included in the first QE2 Story Calendar but it has also given us some fantastic memories of life onboard QE2.  To facilitate the competition members have uploaded 207 photos to the Forum Photo Gallery, which currently has 997 files in 51 albums that have been viewed 9,807 times.  Looking forward to seeing your entries to the Photo Competition in 2012 plus more of your photos in the Forum Gallery. 

We would like to see more people voting for the Photo of the Month so please take a few minutes each month to cast your vote as it is important to support the Forum members who have have submitted photos.  To help you we have a direct link at the top of the index page to the monthly Photo Competition poll.,82.0.html

QE2 Story Calendar
(update from Lynda)

We have had a very positive response from the people who have purchased our first QE2 Story Calendar.  A small print run of 112 Calendars has ensured that this is a unique item, which we hope will be treasured for a long time to come.  Work has already started on the 2013 QE2 Story Calendar so look out for more details next year. 

The Calendars were sent to a variety of addresses across the globe as follows:

UK – 72, USA – 13, Australia – 8, France – 4 , Ireland – 4, Germany – 3, Dubai – 3
Canada – 2, Spain – 2, New Zealand – 1

Thank-you to everyone who has contributed to the success of the Forum in 2011

Best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year from the QE2 Story Team
I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank