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The QE2 Story January 2012 Newsletter
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The QE2 Story January 2012 Newsletter

Forum's 3rd Birthday
(Isabelle Prondzynski)

The QE2 Story Forum celebrated its third birthday on 25 January.

It has been another amazing year, crowned by Rob's visit on board QE2, and by QE2's own New Year's party.

It has been our third year of friendly discussions, sharing of information, sharing of memories, and sharing of pictures, culminating in our very own QE2 Story Calendar.

Thank you everyone for all your contributions!

 QE2 New Year's Eve Party & 2012 Events
(Rob Lightbody)

Surprising everybody in December, was the announcement that an events company, Global Event Management (GEM) would host an exclusive New Year's party on board the ship.  It was arranged at short notice, which understandably caused them problems getting the big names they wanted to attend - including myself! 

Guests arrived at the Quayside, which had been specially prepared as a sort of open air champagne bar, and QE2 was well lit up, including a fantastic montage of her life projected onto a giant image on the side of the ship!  After an over-lengthy delay, guests were taken aboard via the 5-deck gangway, then walked aft to the G stairway where the lifts were active for the event, and whisked them up to Upper Deck, where they walked out via the empty shops.  All exterior decks were in use for the event, with the teak decking freshly renovated, sanded and treated and looking gorgeous.  Food was served buffet style, and because QE2 is a laid-up ship with limited public area plumbing activated now, portable "posh loos" were provided on 1-deck aft for the guests.  Music and entertainment was provided on various stages on her spacious aft decks, fireworks were displayed behind the stern of the ship, the night skyline of Dubai sparkled to the port side of the ship, and the drink was flowing just as quickly as it did when QE2 was in service.

So what of 2012? GEM are promoting a variety of events being possible on board, but it is hard to see how.  The ship is in lovely condition, but she is properly laid up.  The New Year's party appears to have been carefully designed to deal with what was possible, and what was not - e.g. access to the ship's interior was extremely limited.  Events on her outer decks similar to the party would seem possible, but as for anything else?  We'll see.  It seems to me that they'd have to spend a lot of money to re-activate her public rooms in their 2008 state - and wouldn't that money be better spent on the actual conversion that she needs to secure her future.

You can read all our posts about the event, which includes links to photos and videos - here -,3777

A different kind of QE2 Story
(Rob Lightbody)

We have discussed QE2's iconic funnel many times since the forum started, one of these discussed the fact that the damage that you can still see on the funnel today in Dubai, was caused by an engine room fire in 1976.  Michael Gallagher, Cunard and QE2 historian, contributed his research into this, and also Rod, an Engineer aboard at the time contributed his insights and memories.  Both remembered a young man, Kenneth Lyon, who was very badly injured in the incident.

Amazingly, Ken Lyon got in touch with us, to share his memories of the event, and show how, as with QE2, the scars remain with him to this day.  You can read this fascinating story here -,3934.0.html

The Costa Concordia tragedy
(Lynda Bradford; Isabelle Prondzynski)

The Costa Concordia tragedy generated heartfelt sympathy from Forum members, particularly as the scale of the incident became apparent.  Members gave us regular links to news reports to ensure we were kept updated.,3945.0.html

The incident also generated a considerable amount of discussion about safety features and evacuation procedures on board ships. We are fortunate to have members with considerable experience in naval architecture, engineering and the maritime industry, much of it gained or practised on board QE2. This has led to discussions about lifeboats and their use, watertight doors, where they are and when they are closed, and the crew's training and drills, drawing on experiences and practice on the ship we know best.,3945.0.html,3963.0.html,3965.0.html

Veronica -- ex-Mona Lisa and ex-Kungsholm
(Isabelle Prondzynski; Lynda Bradford)

Another fine Clyde built liner, the Kungsholm (later Mona Lisa) of 1966 has found a new home in Duqm (Oman) and a new name, the Veronica:

The QE2Story has been following her fate since 2009, and it is so encouraging to note that this beautiful ship has been saved and is starting a new life as a hotel ship in Duqm, Oman. It appears that the refit has been generally respectful of the ship's design and interior, and that not many changes have been made.

Ironically two Clydebank ships that shared the same slipway QE2 and Kungsholm are now in the Middle East. QE2 in Dubai and the Kungsholm (now Veronica) in Oman.  May they both have many years ahead of them to delight those who are fortunate enough to be onboard these magnificent ships. 

We look forward to the first reports from any members staying on board!,1394.0.html

Forum member onboard Queen Mary in Long Beach California for New Year event
(Lynda Bradford)

Many of us dream about going onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California but for one of our members this is a reality as he has visited and stayed onboard the ship several times. 

Myles (Cunardqueen) who celebrated New Year 2011/2012 onboard Queen Mary has given an insight into this wonderful experience. 

Have a look at these two topics:,3983.0.html,3978.0.html

QE2 Technical Trials 23 December 1968 to 2 January 1969
(Lynda Bradford)

Lisa (Youngesteverpassenger) was indeed QE2's youngest ever passenger sailing onboard the ship when Lisa was a couple of weeks old.  Her father was the Chief Engineer on the QE2 and when the Technical Trials was carried out,  Lisa's family set sail to test the facilities onboard while her father was working hard testing out the engines. 

We were treated to a day by day account of life onboard ship during these trials when Lisa posted the daily programmes. Lisa also posted the list of work requiring to be done on the QE2 on her return to Southampton. 

Follow the link to have a look:,3802.0.html

QE2 story get-together 2012 - who's interested?  When? Where?
(Lynda Bradford)

We would like to hear Forum Members' ideas for a QE2 Story get together in 2012.   We have enjoyed an annual get together onboard the PS Waverley in 2010 and 2011.  Last year this corresponded with the Tall Ships event in Greenock.   Later in the year Forum members met onboard QM2 and there have also been get togethers arranged by individual Forum members.  Post your ideas here for what you think would be a good QE2 Story event for 2012.,

Forum Newsletter - Let us know what you would like to see in the newsletter

What do you think we should include in the Forum newsletter?  We have opened a topic to encourage members to suggest topics for the Forum Newsletter and also to produce contributions that we will edit.  Have a look and post your thoughts here:,3986.0.html

Ask the crew member
(Isabelle Prondzynski)

Thanks to Louis, we had an opportunity in August / September to ask him questions about his life as Barkeeper on board QE2, and this brought up some interesting new insights.,3494.0.html

Would any other crew member like to host a month of questions on his / her life and duties on board? Please let the Moderating Team know if you would like to take this on.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Forum

Best Wishes
Rob, Isabelle, Lynda
I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank


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