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QE2 Celebrates 45 Years

Forty-five years ago on 20 September 1967, HM Queen Elizabeth II launched the QE2 at John Brown’s shipyard, in Clydebank. 

At precisely 14:28 hours on a sunny afternoon Her Majesty stepped forward on the launching platform and said:

“I name this ship Queen Elizabeth the Second.  May God Bless her and all who sail in her.”

Very few Forum members were fortunate enough to be at the launch, but through the work of Forum members an amazing amount of information has been gathered about the launch and the life of the ship. 

Some facts about the launch
Did you know that a little over two minutes 30 seconds after the Queen had named the ship the new Elizabeth had slid smoothly into the River Clyde?  She reached almost 20 mph as she slid down the ways and then dipped 33 feet as she left the slipway.

Did you know that there are many factors that had to be taken into consideration prior to launching a ship this size.  Have a look at what our member “Flagship” had to say about this in The QE2 Launch topic board Reply #77 posted on: Oct 18, 2011.,379.40.html

You may know that following the launch, a flypast was done by aircraft from 736 Naval Air Squadron based at Lossiemouth, Fife.  But did you know that the flypast was replicated on the original 1967 Helena Barynina Hernmarck tapestry that hung on the E stairway onboard QE2?

Many members have posted information on the above plus many links to photos and video footage on the "QE2 launch" topic board? Have a look and enjoy the experience.,379.0.html

Did you know that the QE2 was launched with wine and not champagne or whisky?  Read what is said about this subject:,1895.0.html

You may not have been invited on 20 September 1967 to toast the new Cunard ship but you can see the toast list here:,3034.0.html

Press Release “Evolution of Q4 the most efficient ship”
On 4 April 1967 Cunard released a Press Release to herald the launch of their new liner known as the Q4.

Not only does the document contain a lot of facts that are familiar to us now but also some statements that we can recognise as being true today.   For instance, in the section “Q4 is not a gimmick ship” it is stated that “The Q4 is a ship entirely without gimmicks. Gimmicks date, but good design doesn't and this ship is designed to keep 'new' for her working life with the minimum of alteration”.

In 1967 it could never have been imaged how true these word would be and how over forty years later members of a QE2 Forum would enthuse over the design of the most famous ship in the world who became a legend in her time.
You can access more information and a copy of the Press Release document on the “Cunard's Q4 Press Release April 1967” topic board.,2118.msg23221.html#msg23221

Post your message to QE2
Join our celebration of this special occasion, by posting a special message in recognition of QE2’s 45th Anniversary and wherever you are on 20 September, make a toast to our famous ship. "Long Live the Queen",4603
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I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank


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