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QE2 Story Spring 2013 Newsletter
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The QE2 Story Spring Newsletter

Forum improvements:
We’ve dramatically simplified how easy it is to add photos to messages and upload to the gallery. Have a look and start uploading your QE2 photos without having to reduce the size!

Uploading photos to the gallery:,2936.0.html

Including photos with your Forum message:,2337.0.html

We've also added a 'similar topics' feature at the end of the topic you're reading, to encourage you to waste even more time on the forum.

Clyde gathering 26 & 27 July:
Meet fellow Forum members sailing down the Clyde past John Brown’s shipyard on the PS Waverley,5195.0.html

Photo Competition:
The photo competition has generated some fantastic QE2 Photos and brought back many memories of the ship.  Join the fun by submitting your photos for this month’s theme “QE2 the bit beneath the bridge” or log in and vote.  It could not be easier to share your QE2 photo memories and there is a special prize for the winner!  Closing date 30 April. 

March Competition Poll:,5240.0.html

Instructions to enter the April competition:,5248.0.html

Status of QE2:
Much has been said, but nothing is yet definite. For months QE2 has been without power, which has clear implications for her interiors in the scorching Dubai heat.  She will continue like this for the foreseeable future while they try to arrange a workable and complete plan for her.  See the summary of her story since she arrived in Dubai:


Join Forum members” discussions on QE2 news issues:,53.0.html

Recent interesting topics:
QE2 not an RMS:  Did you know that QE2 was never actually an RMS?  Rob has spoken to Cunard's historian Michael Gallagher and her last captain, Ian McNaught, to get definitive clarification -,1392.msg54296.html#msg54296

QE2 paintings:  We have enjoyed seeing QE2 paintings by our members, Alan C, Peter Mugridge, and Peter Ward who have shared photos of their QE2 paintings on the QE2 Models and Paintings topic board.  Have a look, enjoy and if you have done a painting of QE2 we would love to see it.,61.0.html

QE2 Falklands: Would you remember the day that Margaret Thatcher phoned your Dad to borrow your QE2?  We received a fascinating email with this story – read more!,127.msg54130.html#msg54130

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Thanks for your support and for posting your QE2 memories!

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