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QE2 Story Newsletter August 2013
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The QE2 Story August 2013 Newsletter

Captains of the QE2

In the 40 years from 1968, when she left Clydebank until 2008 when she sailed to Dubai QE2 has had 25 Cunard Captains who were Masters of the ship. She has had one V ships Captain in Dubai between 2009 and 2012. 

Each Captain has been involved in parts of QE2’s history and  there is often a mention of a particular Captain in relation to specific events or passenger and crew memories within the Forum.  However what was missing was a section to gather factual information to build QE2 Captain’s profiles.

The QE2 Story are pleased to announce the launch of our new QE2’s Captains board and to invite you to contribute factual information to build this important information resource. 

Have a look at the topic board:,105.0.html

Format of the Captains topic board:

The first topic of the board is:
 List of QE2 Masters/Captains with links to individual profiles

The second topic on the board is:
Members’ comments and contributions to QE2 Captains topic, where you can post comments and facts to add to the Captains’ profiles

Profile for each individual Captain.  As the profiles are in chronological order they have been locked.  If these topics were not locked each time a post was made the chronological order would be lost. 

As this is work in progress, there are some Captains who have more information than others, but hopefully Forum members can contribute their knowledge and add relevant facts, especially for the earlier Captains. 

Have you introduced yourself on the Forum?

A key part of the Forum is the Introductions section with two boards:

Officer, Crew and Worker introductions,34.0.html

Passenger and Enthusiasts Introductions,4.0.html

We love hearing your stories and enthusiasm for QE2, like Tony Feist’s dramatic rescue of a young couple, which certainly created a lot of interest.,5288.0.html

Displaying Real Names on the Forum

Rob has recently started a topic for discussion on using real name for the display name on the Forum.,5604.msg56607/boardseen.html#new

We know that there are sometimes reasons why people do not want to display their real names, but where possible we would like to encourage their use. 

If you would like to display your real name, go to your Profile and select Account Settings.  You will see your usernames, which is the name for signing into the Forum.  You will also see a Name box where you can change the display name that people can see.  Save after changing the name. 

Ask the Captain/Project Manager

Captain Bill Cooper (2009 to 2012)
Scott Clegg, QE2 Project Manager (2008 to 2012). 

Thank-you to everyone who submitted questions for our recent Ask the Captain/Project Manager. Your questions have been sent to Captain Cooper and Scott Clegg, Project Manager. We will let you know when we receive their responses, which will be featured on the QE2 Story front page along with the other Ask the Captain articles. 

Let’s get Technical!

Have you had a look at the range of information on the Technical Matters Forum Board?,56.0.html

Even if you are not a technical person you will be impressed with the amount of information that is within this section. We are so pleased that Forum members have taken time to share their knowledge. 

QE2 Story Get together July 2013

Thank-you to everyone who attended the QE2 Story Get together last month!  We enjoyed meeting up on the Friday evening to chat over a drink or two.  The QE2 Story connects us with our common interest, the QE2 and at the get together we enjoyed sharing our stories and had plenty to chat about. 

We were blessed with good weather on the Saturday for the sail down the Clyde on the Waverley and were so pleased to hear your positive comments about the week-end. 

If you have any ideas for a Forum get together please contact us with your suggestion.,5195.80.html

We have set up a Gallery Album to post Forum Get Together photos.  Have a look!

Photo Competition

The July competition entries "Fun pictures taken on or of QE2" have certainly raised a smile or two and are now ready for you to vote for your favourite three photos. 

The voting closes on 31 August 2013   The winner will be announced on 1 September BST to allow for other time zones to catch up with the voting deadline.,5553.0.html

This month’s photo theme is "QE2 Docked or at Anchor" (closed 31 August) chosen by John Parsons, the winner of the May competition

We have already had many excellent entries but we are hoping that you will have a look at your QE2 photos and upload to the Gallery your 3 photos that fit the theme.  Have a look at the instructions and share your photos of QE2 looking her best docked or at anchor.,5554.0.html

We will be starting work on the 2014 Calendar and will keep you updated on the Forum and on newsletters.

If there are any QE2 Story topics you would like featured on a future newsletter please contact us at

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