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Re: HMS Queen Elizabeth being referred to as QE2
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I certainly hope not.  HMS Queen Elizabeth is just that.  Full stop.  As far as I am aware there is no '2' about it.  In our Naval history has there ever been a previous HMS Queen Elizabeth?  To follow possibly at some point in the future we may have HMS Prince of Wales.

Cunard's current Queen Elizabeth is also just that.  Full stop.  The earlier RMS Queen Elizabeth (the one which caught fire and sank) as far as I am aware was named after the Queen Mother and not our current Queen.  So our lovely QE2 was given the '2' following on, (although I believe named after our current Queen) and of course our Queen Mary 2 following on from the Queen Mary now in Los Angeles.

When HMS Queen Elizabeth is 'up and running' in a few years' time I am just waiting for some 'bright spark' at the MoD to try to send Cunard's Queen Elizabeth on Naval manouvres instead of HMS Queen Elizabeth.  This may be slightly avoidable now as Cunard's Queen Elizabeth as far as I am aware has now dropped the 'RMS' and is now MS Queen Elizabeth following their departure to Bermuda.  Otherwise it would have been RMS Queen Elizabeth against HMS Queen Elizabeth!!!!

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Re: HMS Queen Elizabeth being referred to as QE2
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Had to wonder yesterday - I was listening to a chap on talkback radio (ZB Radio, Auckland, NZ) telling all and sundry about the fantastic, cheap cruise he and his family experienced LAST YEAR on the QE2!!!!

He got discounted tickets as the owners were trying to fill the ship.

Some people really don't know which planet they are living on, let alone which day of the week it is???


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Re: HMS Queen Elizabeth being referred to as QE2
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HMS Queen Elizabeth revives a name last used for the lead vessel of the Queen Elizabeth class of Super Dreadnought battleship.

HMS Queen Elizabeth was built at Portsmouth Dockyard, launched in 1913 and entered service in 1915. She lasted through WWII and was broken up at Dalmuir, River Clyde in 1948.

So the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has absolutely no connection whatsoever with QE2.

But then WE all knew that anyway!!!


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