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Re: For Sale to a good Home - QE2 Blueprints & rare documents
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A bit of a hotch potch of documents. Needless to say a very small number compared with the thousands which were produced.
The drawings which bear the plan number with the suffix '/AF' are as-fitted documents. They were based on the original design documents but marked up and modified to show what was really fitted on board. The vast majority of the as-fitted documents were for piping systems so that specific pipes could be identified for maintenance etc... The original design would show the proposed routes for pipes, vents, etc.. but during the construction the route for taking a pipe, for instance, from A to B would be modified to suit the surrounding systems, etc..    Crawling around the ship making sketches of as-fitted routes for pipes, etc. was a terrible task. On which I am glad to say I avoided.
The drawings with the suffix 'P' were the design and construction drawings produced by the shipyard drawing office.  They were normally draw in pencil on tracing paper; though some drawings which were constantly being referred to, such as the 'Run of Decks' were drawn in ink on transparent blue linen.  A large number of the drawings, when complete, would be sent to the tracing office where they were reproduced in ink on heavy transparent blue linen. All of the as-fitted drawings were produced by the tracing office under the guidance of the drawing office. All tracings, both paper and linen were stored rolled, not folded.  Clydebank still had rolled drawings of ships dating back into the 19th. century in the plan 'safe'. I think they are all now in the hands of Glasgow University. Based on drawings from the safe, one of my colleagues built a model of a paddle steamer called 'Juno' which had been built in Clydebank in 1898.   
Adding a little human touch to this otherwise boring process... As I said above most of the as fitted drawings were of piping systems. The draughtsman who interfaced with the tracing office on that task frequently visited the tracing office (which, was all female). He eventually struck up a relationship with the lady who was the head tracer, a widow, and as far as I know they eventually married.
In the top right hand corner of the rectangular title box in the '/P' drawings is a smaller rectangular box. When prints were made for issue to Cunard, Lloyd's Register of Shipping and to the shipyard departments the shipyard stamp with the date of issue was placed in that box. The stamp was signed off by the Chief Draughtsman or one of his senior deputies. I can make out the signed initials of Mr. Andrew MacGregor on several of the stamps. He was Chief Draughtsman throughout the design and build of the QE2.
A0 sized drawings?  Sorry, nothing so convenient.
Standard sized drawing sheets were not introduced in the shipyard drawing office until after the time of the QE2 construction.  Up to that time drawings were produced on either 30 inch or 40 inch wide tracing paper. The length of the drawings were restricted only by the length of the drawing boards which were 16 feet long. Drawings could possibly be longer by rolling the end of the drawings and moving the drawing area as needed, but this was discouraged. On the QE2 for example a general arrangement of the main deck which was about 960 feet long, would be approximately 13 feet long by the time borders and title blocks were added. Which is why some of the drawings are so bulky when folded.
Cunard would have been given full sets of all drawings throughout the construction period. They would also have been given several sets of as fitted drawings, some of those to be kept on board for reference for maintenance and repair.
I wonder if Cunard still have a full set of everything?


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Re: For Sale to a good Home - QE2 Blueprints & rare documents
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The set of drawings that I used most, was a colour coded set printed on linen of "as fitted" pipework drawings. Trying to find mysterious shut off valves or cleanout eyes fitted....say behind a bulkhead in a waiters cabin.
There was also a duplicate set kept in the Hotel Service Engineers cabin. S 18 ???? phone number 286 ????


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