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Re: 1996 Newspaper Article
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It truly is an amazing operation...we say that every time we sail or see a ship being loaded....

We used to think QE2 had a GIANT shopping list...can you imagine what Oasis of the Seas has for 6000 people?   Would need an awfully big shopping trolley! ...Wouldn't like the responsibility of all that...imagine if you forgot something really important?  ( like toilet rolls!!)

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Re: Stowage and stores etc.
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The Stores Manager aboard QE2 places his order for each port of call some six in advance,so the supplies arriving today in Southampton will have been telexed ahead from the ship at least a day before arrival in New York on the previous westbound voyage.

After reading the posts for this topic the Store Manager, in my estimation, has been promoted to a very important person on board ship.  When we cruise we take so much for granted without giving too much thought to the organisation process to ensure we have everything we want. 
I was proud to be involved with planning QE2's 50 year conference in September 2017 in Clydebank


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QE2 Storage and workshops
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I was just  thinking about all the storage areas and workshops etc that QE2 had and with a big thank you to flagship for putting all the pics of these areas on the forum.....

The megaships they build today don't have these do they?  As they are mainly square in shape they are all obviously for revenue ..cabins and other wallet shrinking activites.....but....I just wondered did QE2 really need to have as much of the food storage and wine etc that she did.....todays ships cross the atlantic too many on repositioning etc....and don't have half the sotres thats QE2 did...So were times different when she sailed back and forth and on world cruises? Ships now seem to stock supplies at most why did Qe2 have to carry so much around with her?  We always saw her 'shopping list' of thousands of eggs tea bags etc....but most ships must have vast shopping lists now too......ot is it just because she was the Qe2 we heard about it?  And somehow I don't see a joiners or plumbers work shop on Mega of the Seas.....

Would be interesting to know....
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Re: Stowage and stores etc all aboard QE2
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The ships stores fall into two categories Food Stores and Dry Stores.
Food Stores are as follows Meat,Poultry,Fish,Vegetables,Wines,Spirits and Beers.

Dry Stores are Furniture,Pint,Crockery,Cutlery,Glassware,Hospital and Medical Supplies,Floral Decoration,Printed Material,Ships uniform and Working Rig and Pianos.

As many as 2300 boxes and cartons delivered to the ship contain what are termed as Technical Stores and theses are handled by the onboard dept.of that name.Anything from batteries to spanners,safety shoes to screws,all are stored onboard for immediate use at any time by any dept.The range of Technical Stores has grown so much that one of the six cargo holds withing the ship had to be taken over as a stockroom.


Interesting you say that Louis, when I first joined, the stores list for the end of a voyage would be maybe about 200 items. My current weekly budget for the hotel I am at is about 10 times that number.
And , certainly after re-engining, the need for space was much greater.
For dishwashers alone in 1974 we carried over 400 parts. They carried nearly 250 spare motors of ALL sizes in the steering gear.
Sometimes it would take a day of rigging and slinging to get a motor from the steering gear to where it had to go!

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Wine on board QE2
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First class wine with first class service...
There was something about wine on board QE2!

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Re: Stowage and stores etc.
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Another thing to think about after re-engining. Basically the ship went "metric" ! That almost doubled the amount of thing like nuts and bolts that had to be carried. While imperial nuts and bolts had to be carried for the machinery that remained.
When I first got on board, QE2 also carried coffins/caskets in various sizes. They got rid of them in about 76. Most of them were made into storage lockers. For the WC's, #6 hold was usually half full of dishwasher and laundry detergent. They at the time had a contract with Eco/Lab, and their stuff wasn't availabe in all ports. You also have to think of things like menu covers etc etc....WHOA BETIDE ANY DEPARTMENT head that had to get something flown somewhere. Just keep on had to be carried if we might need it.

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Re: Stowage and stores etc.
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One of the items carried in the Tech Stores was a jar of mercury! Probably still there. It weighed about 20 lbs...and of course, now, it is Hazmat stuff!

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Re: Stowage and stores etc.
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Rod -
Firstly, Thank Goodness for your ability to make a reverse-quit!

Secondly - about the holds, and specially those containing dry chemicals, such as the dishwasher powder and bleach etc By the way - was bleach allowed on board, and did it become 'black water' post-use?
Also - was the air ever tested in the spaces where toxic stuff was stowed - and were these spaces specially ventilated?

Then - was there much attention given to the working conditions in dangerous areas, 
as well as health checks for crew?
I don't think this subject has been mentioned earlier - but I guess it could have been a really important matter for both the individuals as well as the company.
Obviously, it's easy to appreciate that any detailed info may need to remain confidential as it almost certainly all belongs in crew country.
Thanks again for your posts they are so interesting - and never boring!

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Re: Stowage and stores etc.
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Rosie...To answer you questions regarding crew health...NO
You have to realize that when i was on board.71-89 with a 1 year gap,  people did not pay attention to crew health and safety. Was about 84 when we got safety boots, bout the same time as hearing protection.
Bleach is not hazardous....persay...It is used to purify the drinking water carried in bulk tanks. Only when there was leakage was there a problem. Used in the ships laundry extensively.
During the re-engining in Bremmerhaven....signs for no entry into asbestos areas were posted in german only
I have told my wife..If i die of asbestosis....sue Cunard

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Re: Stowage and stores etc.
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With Whicker: QE2 Liner 1984 - Caviar, Champagne and Crew Beer!
So many thanks to the late Steven Adler

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