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QE2 in Dubai : Timeline of Key Events 2009 to 2018
« on: Jun 26, 2013, 08:02 PM »
This topic will always be a work in progress.


January - we watch with baited breath, expecting her to be demolished at any moment.,68.0.html

February - News starts to leak that there are serious holdups to the conversion. Dubai deny they have plans to sell.,119.msg1075.html#msg1075

March - Cunard logo observed to have been removed.,1324.msg6201.html#msg6201

Dubai say they're considering opening the ship as-is.,119.msg2723.html#msg2723

April - QE2 Dubai Concept Models escape,454.0.html

May - QE Hotel project appears to be on hold,119.msg6370.html#msg6370

June - Whats happening to the QE2? - Daily Mail pick up on it first, then all major news outlets.,119.msg6719.html#msg6719

July/August - QE2 Dry Docked and extensive preparations made for South Africa.  Exclusive photos and information granted to,872.msg9235.html#msg9235

August - QE2 Under the flag of Vanuatu with Port Vila on the stern.,962



January 25th - QE2’s planned visit to Cape Town sunk,5489.msg16905.html#msg16905

February 7th - Dubai World may sell QE2.
Press Association Report,5489.msg17532.html#msg17532

March - Daily Mail publishes “Eerie Ghost Ship” leaked photos from aboard which raise more questions than they answer,1726

July - “Bid to save qe2 from scrapyard” & related stories stir up interest & media coverage and force the owners to deny they’re considering scrapping.  No concrete news behind these stories.,2190.0.html

September - QE2 Moves to Inner Harbour to make room for visiting cruise ships despite concern this may cause problems in strong winds.,2450.0.html

September 10th - Manfred Ursprunger  leaves the project.,2407.0.html


January 28th - QE2’s Mooring Lines snap during sandstorm.,2857.0.html

April - Rob Lightbody invited aboard for 3 days to comprehensively document the state of the ship,3156.0.html

May - QE Visits QE2 - aerial shots taken by Cunard and QE2 Story goes on British TV to talk about situation with QE2.,3212.0.html,3055

September - Liverpool plan for QE2 leaks.,3578.0.html

September - QE2 to Remain in Dubai as part of revamped cruise terminal.,3571.0.html

October  - Major expansion announced for Port Rashid.  At this point, QE2's original berth at the Palm starts to be developed for housing.

Renovation begins on QE2,3661.0.html

December  - QE2 & Concorde in London leaks.,3753.0.html

December - New Years Party aboard organised by Global Events Management (GEM) who also announce the ship is available for event bookings.  None ever take place...,3777.0.html


April - John Duffy and QM2 crew including Captain visit QE2,4279.0.html

July 2nd - QE2 Announcement made by Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem,4504.0.html

July 19th - Board reshuffled by Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem
July 20th - Board, including Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, replaced.,4538.0.html

September - QE2's V-Ships crew send us a 45th birthday message from the ship,4609.0.html

October - Global Events Management looking for investors,4659.0.html

21st December - V-Ships leave ship abruptly
Oceanic/DDW consortium take over running of the ship.  Istithimar cease involvement.,5274,4912,4745

December 20th - QE2 London make themselves known to the public,4749

23rd December Daily Mail “End of an era for the QE2: Iconic cruise liner sold as scrap to Chinese for £20m” - sparks another round of media interest.,4759.0

24th December - QE2's Captain Bill Cooper sends us a goodbye from the V-Ships crew.,4764.0.html


January 17  - QE2 moved from Port Rashid to Dubai Dry Dock,4951.0.html

January - Blackout commences, with the ship losing AC and safety systems for the first time.,4893.0.html

April 2nd - QE2 to Leave by August or September.,5267

July 7th - QE2 to leave on October 18th, arriving in Singapore on November 1st before heading to an (unspecified) Chinese shipyard.,5267.msg55744.html#msg55744

August 22nd - Chairman of Dubai’s Drydocks World, Khamis Juma Buamim, talks to Arabian Business and says he will not be sorry to see the back of the QE2 when she leaves in October.  He also discusses that they have "fantastic" plans and that funding is available to totally rebrand at it at its (unspecified) new home in the Far East.   Click for Link to topic

September 23rd - 'QE2 Hotels' website announce a delay to the sailing out of QE2 until December at the earliest.,5267.msg57053.html#msg57053

October 15th - COSCO's Zhoushan Shipyard announced as having been selected for QE2's conversion, with completion "by 2015".  Many crucial details still unclear, including departure date from Dubai.  Forum members highly sceptical, to put it mildly...,5700.0.html

October 16th - Designs for QE2's refit released to the public -,5706.0.html

October 18th - QE2 was meant to depart today, under her own steam, but there is silence from Dubai, and it seems a very long way off. 


January 15th - Ian Buxton visits QE2 with Lloyds Register.  He writes an article for Ships Monthly, published in the April issue (in the shops at the end of February).  He notes that very little has been done to the ship, confirming what we've been saying, but contrary to information given elsewhere.,5948.0.html

February 22nd - "Hythe Shipshape" on Flickr takes to the water to get close up to QE2 in Dubai, she is seen to still look magnificent, if faded.,5844.msg60677.html#msg60677

May 16th - Louis De Sousa, who has been in touch with a crew member on board QE2 in Dubai since the start of 2012, reports that the crew, employed by Oceanic, are unpaid and have been forced to go on strike.,6123.0.html

June, July, August, September, October, November, December - nothing.  No news.


January and February brought no news.

Our cantacts informed us that Khamis Buamim had made a shock Drydocks World exit and that this was hugely relevant to QE2's future, and the past 15 months.  Whatever happens to QE2 next, this was a turning point.

April, May, June and July
Although there was significant press coverage during this time, especially around the 3 Queens event in Liverpool and resulting coverage, nothing actually changed with the situation on the ship.

QE2 was moved a short distance out of the Dry Dock facility to Port Rashid .  There is still no news about the ship's future.

Limited lighting is added to QE2 along the boat decks, using long strips of LED lighting.

17th - moved to Cruise Terminal 1 (QE2 inaugurated the then-new building in 2001).

  • Between the 15th and 22nd, the funnel's floodlights were illuminated for the first time in 3 years
  • On the 23rd, for the first time in her life, long strings of white LED "dressed overall" lights were added between her stern, funnel, mast and bow.
Links to the topic about the lighting -,7093.0.html


In August 2016, QE2's lifeboat Davits were removed.  This is the first visible structural alteration made to QE2 since her arrival in Dubai.

Link to topic.

Around this time it was also noted that her Aft swimming pool had been removed or covered over.


January 2017 Port Rashid Future Plans with images showing QE2,7132.msg77260.html#msg77260

March 2017 Arabian Supply reported on increased activity onboard QE2 Al Shafa construction company published details of the QE2 project, involving 30,000 sq metres of space.  The article also quoted that “A DP World official has indicated that QE2 will be a centrepiece of the new development as a floating hotel and events venue”,7600.msg84869.html#msg84869

April 2017 Caffeine and Machine event featured QE2 as a backdrop in many photos taken by admirers.,7610.msg84960.html#msg84960

September 2017 Direction signs for Hotel QE2,7809.msg88106.html#msg88106

September 2017 the Captain on the Queen Elizabeth announced that the restaurants on QE2 were open to the public, but no further evidence that the restaurants are open.,7843.msg88578.html#msg88578

October 2017 Social Media reported that Hotel QE2 would be open in December, but this has not been substantiated.   

October/November 2017 Information that the Queen Elizabeth 2 Terminal Building will be used to display QE2 memorabilia and paintings removed for the ship.  Passengers boarding cruise ships at the port will be able to view the items   Click here for the topic

We have appreciated the photos posted in the QE2 Photos from Dubai 2017 topic.  These photos have given an interesting overview of the changes that have been made to the ship and surrounding areas during the year.


January 2017
Information posted by a company on Facebook gives Spring 2018 as the date for QE2 to open.  link.

February 2018
Website is launched for Hotel QE2 in Dubai.   Click for our topic on this

March 2018
18th - QE2 is moved into Dubai Dry Dock 3, for the third time since her arrival in Dubai.   During the dry-docking, her propellers are removed, all underwater openings are welded shut, the anchors are permanently welded into place, she is stripped to bare metal and then painted in royal blue paint, a new DUBAI Mina Rashid logo is painted onto her stern (Port Vila and Southampton are removed) and her boat deck railings are rearranged where the boat winches were previously.

29th - QE2 returns to Cruise Terminal 1. Her "navigators" pose in front of the ship to welcome her back.

April 2018
As excitement mounts, daily social media updates from QE2 Dubai keep us wanting more. 

On April 9th, the hotel is available to book and on April 10th a "soft" opening date of the 18th is given, and a later October 2018 date when the entire ship will be open for its Grand Opening.   

On April 16th the the official press release goes out, resulting in significant international news coverage.
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Passionate about QE2's service life for 40 years and creator of this website.  I have worked in IT for 28 years and created my personal QE2 website in 1994.

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Re: QE2 in Dubai : Timeline of Key Events 2009 to 2018
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Passionate about QE2's service life for 40 years and creator of this website.  I have worked in IT for 28 years and created my personal QE2 website in 1994.