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Author Topic: Heritage Boats on the Royal Canal in Ireland  (Read 1340 times)

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Heritage Boats on the Royal Canal in Ireland
« on: Apr 25, 2013, 01:09 PM »
The Royal Canal in Ireland, running from Dublin to the River Shannon, has been made navigable again, and these Heritage Boats may be spotted taking a canal cruise :

Heritage Boats in Maynooth by Ciaran C Reilly, on Flickr

Ciaran adds :

With the Royal Canal reopened as far as the Shannon, these wonderful boats can now travel the vast majority of the routes they would have plied trade on back in the day. 4E in the foreground was built in 1896, having started life as a horse-drawn boat before being fitted with an engine, before being stripped of the engine again - More details on all the boats at

I'm fairly sure that the heritage boats are not available to hire. I think there is one hire company on the Royal based at the 12th lock -

All the best,

The Royal Canal runs through splendid countryside, has towpaths practically all the way, and is one of my favourite walks in the area where we live.

These boats could well be a great way to spend a little holiday!
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