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QE2 Library photos 1980s of clocks
« on: Jan 31, 2013, 10:22 AM »
Has any got any pictures of the QE2 Library in the 1980's I am looking for pictures & information on the two large clocks that were on display for a while... I was told they came from the ticket office in New York Broadway? they are E Howard electric workings
I was in ownership of these but sold them a couple a years ago to a friend but would like to find out more about them as he as asked where they came from etc & plans to sell them at auction...thanks
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Re: QE2 Library photos 1980s of clocks
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Hi Howie,

There's a link to the Library on board QE2 here,1819.msg32291.html#msg32291

There is also a topic on QE2's clocks, however it doesn't appear that the photos of the clocks that you posted match any of them...,1595.msg22993.html#msg22993

The other site that you might find usefull is flickr
Isabelle's fine collection of photographs is there, and a great pictorial reference 'library' for QE2!
You can enlarge the pictures here too.
Happy hunting!
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