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Hi everyone just joined. I worked on board between 1988 and 1997 (Columbia rest. & Brittania Grill) I wonder if anyone can help with the iteniary for the Christmas Cruise 1993 any help would be much appreciated. Gerry
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Re: Christmas Cruise 1993
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Hello Gerry, and welcome here! Glad to see another ex-crewmember on board with us, and looking forward to your stories. There is a "crew and worker memories" section in this Forum, where you may want to have a look and see whether you come across some former colleagues!

You have very nicely shown us some of the gaps we have yet to fill.

You will find the list of QE2 itineraries, almost complete, from 1996 to 2008, here :,937.0.html

And Louis "Blue Bombay" is writing up his life on board in his "QE2 My Home" blog, where he has now reached 7-11 June 1992 :,404.0.html

Chances may be good that Louis could have the dates and places for the Christmas 1993 cruise... He is giving us a very comprehensive account of life on board, with details that many of us, being ordinary passengers, never had access to. Fascinating stuff! Your own memories too would be very welcome  :D  !

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Re: Christmas Cruise 1993
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Hi Gerry, and a warm welcome!

Having read your request regarding the Itinerary for December 1993 - I've done a failrly thorough searh, both online and in books etc - and there's not much info available about QE2 during that month - other than the first showing of the BBC film - Sea Fever!

It might be helpful for you to contact Cunard - and in particular Alastair Greener. He writes a blog 'We Are Cunard' that is usually full of historical dates; he may have the old itineraries too!

When / if you have time -
it would be very interesting to hear of your own experiences of your time on board QE2.
Good Luck with your search - and it will be interesting to hear how you get on.


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Re: Christmas Cruise 1993
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Hi Gerry and welcome.

I do remember you for my time onboard we crossed each others paths so many times in the Burma Road, Galley and in the Pig.

Ill post in the 1993 itinerary shortly.Maybe you have some dates too you want to share.

Regards Louis
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Re: Christmas Cruise 1993
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hi i try to look thru all my cruise ephemra i did,nt keep all of it for 93/94 as there was quite a lot i dont know if i kept any for the christmas

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Re: Christmas Cruise 1993
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Sorry just seen this topic. Christmas 1993:

19 December New York
21 December Port Everglades
22 December Nassau
24 December St Thomas
26 December Barbados
27 December La Guira
29 December Curacao
30 December St Maarten
01 January Port Everglades (with sore heads?)
03 January New York

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Re: Christmas Cruise 1993
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oh i cant remember some of those ports,i remember st thomas coz  it was a tender in and a long way so i stayed on the tender a few times,i remeber st kitts i  think we were  in american bit?wished i had digital camera then,i never took pictures,  sold film camera i had to the barman