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Adrian (Pat) Chandler, QE2 Deck Officer 1976-1981
« on: Dec 27, 2012, 08:18 PM »
Hello to all my ex-shipmates.
My name is Adrian (Pat) Chandler, and during my time on the QE2, I was always known as Pat. I joined QE2 in Lisbon in late April 1976 with my brand-new Master's (Foreign Going) Certificate, as a (very) Junior 2nd Officer. My early impression of this great ship were certainly overwhealming. I had been with Shaw Savill and Albion serving on cargo ships, Passenger/cargo ships and on their passenger only vessels, at first on liner voyages to Australia and New Zealand, but latterly cruising out of Southampton or Sydney. So I was certainly not new to passenger ships, but QE2 was very impressive, both on size and speed. In those days all the deck officers were required to have a Master's Ticket, and it was a proud boast that she was the only ship with 9 officers qualified (if not experienced enough) to command her.
Apart from a short break to assist in standing-by the fitting out of m.v. Cunard Princess, in La Spezia, Italy, I stayed on QE2 until 1981, leaving her as Senior 1st Officer, to join the Cunard Princess.
I never sailed again on the ship, but I did, several years later, have the privalege of piloting her into the New Zealand port of Lyttelton, during one of her World Cruises.
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Re: Introductions
« Reply #1 on: Dec 27, 2012, 11:04 PM »
Hello Pat, and welcome to the Forum!

You come with a great QE2 story, and I am sure that you have many cherished memories to share.

Piloting her into port, years after you worked on QE2, must have been an amazing experience! Was this after her re-engining, and if so, did you find her much changed? You probably met some old friends and shipmates while on board, and I hope you got the chance to relax with them for a while.

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Re: Introductions
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Hello Pat - and Welcome on board!
It's great that you have joined us.
Hopefully it'll not be too long before old mates from QE2 will find you here!
I guess there will also be topics here about her as ship,,32.0.html
and her time in service that may well be familiar too.
There is also the Online Wardie, on Facebook where you'll find QE2's ex-crew members as well.

About Lyttleton Harbour etc!
Having lived in Christchurch in the 70s - I remember it still, very well indeed.
And in a little over a month's time I'll be in Akaroa - can't wait!
All the best,

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Re: Introductions
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Hallo Pat! Welcome to the forum.
We have sailed together on 2 ships. QE2 and Princess when I did a trip as a passenger and boyfriend of one of the casino girls.
Hope all is well with you.
Rod Fair

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Re: Introductions
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Hello Pat and welcome aboard,

I can't remember if we have met, but if you can recall three small, loud, high pitched Scottish boys disturbing the peace of the Wardy, one of them was me. My Dad (Angus the Engineer) remembers you and sends his regards. BTW did you really travel all the way out to La Spezia on the railway?
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Re: Introductions
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I did indeed. I was due to fly out, but the air traffic controllers in France and Italy went out on strike, so rather than hang around at Heathrow (the thought of it would make anyone shudder) I grabbed the opportunity and went by train. BR to Folkstone, Ferry across the Channel, and then a train that took me the whole way to La Spezia. Fascinating trip. My very best wishes to your Dad and I hope he is keeping well.

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Re: Introductions
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Hello Pat

Welcome to the Forum and thank-you for your interesting story about working on QE2.

It was interesting to hear that in the early days of QE2 all deck officers were required to have a Master's ticket.  Was QE2 the only ship that had this requirement? and do you know if and when this was no longer required.   
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Re: Introductions
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Sorry about the delay in responding to your question. Masters Tickets for all Navigating Officers was a requirement from the very early days. I have heard that you could not even join the Line as a Deck Officer without a Masters Ticket if you were going onto any passenger ship, from the early 1900s. I think they may have been less fussy on the Cargo ships.
It was always a matter of pride that all the deck officers on the old Queens were qualified Masters, though for a Senior position the Company would expect you to have an Extra- Masters Certificate, a now largely defunct qualification, roughly equivalent to a Degree.