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Author Topic: help, searching for model plans to scratch build a 1/96 scale Qe2  (Read 1876 times)

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Chris Davis

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Hello All,

       I am a new member, and have been searching everywhere trying to find a set of plans to be able to scratch build a 1/96 scale model of the Qe2.  I have been able to locate hull frame lines.  but need an outboard profile plan, and a over head general arrangement plan.  But can not seem to locate anything.  Any help on this would be Greatly appreciated.
       I Thank You for your time, and Calm Seas,
                                                                 Chris Davis


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Hi Chris

Here is a set of modle planes

old deck planes

There was some one here a few years ago who said he had a set of G/A planes and was going to get copys made. Never heard any more of that as I was intrested in a copy ,now I can not even find that post.
G/A turn up on Ebay ever so now and then put they fetch top dollar. I think the Mitchell in Galasgow might have some or now were some might be avaible. You did not say what time period you want as she changed a lot over her life.