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Cunard Safety Record
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I just read in Warwick & Flayhart's "QE2" (1985) that, at the time, Cunard had not lost a passenger through the company's fault in peacetime.  Does anyone know if this is still the case?

Given the rise (and ease) of litigation since then I'm wondering if Cunard can still claim this same accolade.

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Re: Cunard Safety Record
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The choice of words from Flyhart & Warwick is carefully constructed and probably true to the moment in time.  But like most things it is down to interpretation,what is the company's fault?   

The first incidence of loss of life aboard a Cunard ship was in 1905 when five passengers where swept overboard.  Could that constitute being the company's fault?  As you say with the proliferation of litigation and the need to prove "negligence", then probably today the incident would have been swiftly followed by lawsuits.

There are further incidents of loss of life after 1905 but perhaps labelling them the fault of the company may be unjust, all depends upon your interpretation.

Notably though, the reference by the authors is to peacetime, meaning something occurred at other times, I suspect this may be the Queen Mary/HMS Curacoa incident.
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Cunard Safety Record
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Many Cunard ships were lost during war times. Lusitania for example was lost in WWI with a terrible loss of civilian life. The new book "Cunard Shipwrecks" by Sam Warwick documents these wartime losses well.
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