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I received my copy of this wonderful book a week or so ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is one of those books that if you walk past it on the table, you have to stop for a minute to open it and have a quick read.

Read on to find out how to WIN A COPY of this book.

Images below were supplied by the Author and Publisher to us to promote the book with:-

Although it isn't specifically about QE2, the subject of the book means that QE2 is intertwined throughout - both in terms of herself, and her predecessors, successors, and rivals.  The book gets off to a great start with a lovely photo of QE2 in her last month of service, tendering at Dubrovnik and this is closely followed by the photo of QE2 & QM2 alongside each other in Manhattan - surely the last time 2 Atlantic liners would be together there beside each other.  I wish I had been there!  Later on in the book, after the story of the other great liners has been told, there is a return to QE2 and the other great Cunarders.

The wonderful photos (its packed full of 150 of them) - of which I don't think I've seen any previously - really take you back to the time of the Atlantic Liners, and then the accompanying comprehensive text brings back some of the stories and memories from the time.

I think, even for the liner buff, you will learn something from this book - not necessary facts, but some of the lovely anecdotes, context and memories that fill in the nostalgic feeling of those times.

I can't recommend it highly enough to add to your collection.

To find out how to WIN A COPY of this new book, please click here -,4030

Publication:   March 2011
Price:   £19.99
ISBN:   978 1 84868 697 7
Size:   226 x 248mm
Binding:   Paperback
Extent:   96 pages,  150 illustrations



It was a golden age of travel. The period from the end of the Second World War to the early 1960s saw some of the finest ocean liners ever built and, until the advent of the jet, the ships travelled full every trip, criss-crossing the Atlantic between the Old World and the New, carrying businessmen, tourists, emigrants and those who longed for a trip away.

William H. Miller brings together a fabulous selection of images of the ships of the period, the great and the famous of ocean liner travel. From the grand Cunard Queens to the fastest and longest ships afloat, from the ships of state to smaller vessels, from the tragedy of disaster to the triumph of record-breaking, he tells the story of this glittering age of travel, a time when ‘Getting There was Half the Fun’.

Of course, it was all to end with the advent of the Boeing 707, capable of crossing the Atlantic in hours rather than days, and the liner trade went into terminal decline. One by one, ships were sold or scrapped until there remained only one, the QE2. She retired in 2008, but not before being replaced by the Queen Mary 2, the world’s largest ocean liner. Join Bill for a voyage back in time aboard The Last Atlantic Liners.

O   Many new photographs, published here for the first time
O   Covers the period of the great Atlantic liners and their decline from 1950 to the 1990s
O   Foreword by Richard Faber, well-known dealer and collector of ocean liner  collectables
O   For more information on this title please contact Alice Crick on: 01453 847823 or email:

William H Miller has written over 70 books on ocean liners. He lives in New Jersey and grew up within sight and sound of the docks of New Jersey and Luxury Liner Row on Manhattan’s West Side.
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Offline Jeff Taylor

My wife and I were fortunate enough to have dinner with Bill Miller and Richard Faber on QM2 with the venue being one of God knows how many "retirement" fests for Ron Warwick.  Fascinating table talk as you might imagine.  Bill is a wonderful speaker and probably missed his calling as an actor as he is so entertaining.

Offline tdickson

I have also had the privilege of meeting Mr William Miller " MR OCEANLINER" as he is fondly known ,on board QM2 last season, whilst on board he was "Guest Speaker" absolutely fabulous stories he told,we had two sessions with him in "Illuminations" and then the honour of meeting him at a book signing in the library aswell as in and around the ship   

Offline tdickson

Forgot to mention aswell as the above publication and many others, there is a series of DVD"s available all narrated by "MR OCEANLINER"


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