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Offline Twynkle

Has anyone read
   'Cruising on the Queen Elizabeth 2: Around the World in 91 Days'
    by Bernard, M Patten MD' ?
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Offline Malcolm

'Cruising on the Queen Elizabeth 2: Around the World in 91 Days'

I've always avoided it as I think it had got a lot of very bad reviews. I'd be interested in the views of others as well :)

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Cruising on the Queen Elizabeth 2: Around the World in 91 Days (Paperback) 
For sale at Amazon UK
Is this the book that you were all thinking of?
£13.59 new, old £10.03.   

Author is a Doctor in the USA - looks as if it took 10 years from start of trip to date of publication!

Louis - you and he might have met!!

Online Isabelle Prondzynski

Cruising on the Queen Elizabeth 2

Bought this book quite simply because Amazon recommended it and I had not yet read it! Amazon knows me awfully well at this stage...

An American doctor (the author) and his wife set out on the 1996 World Cruise. In order to make things more interesting for themselves, they start in a Mauretania inside cabin, and upgrade their accommodation every few weeks to a grander category until, at the end, they enjoy a penthouse suite.

Bernard Patten seems to be an easy-going person; he and Ethel greatly enjoy the cruise (and each other's company) for the full 91 days. He is a good observer and his notes brought back the atmosphere on board for me as though I had never left. Some of his stories are hilarious, and left me chuckling with him. I dare say we can all pick up a few QE2 facts here that we had not yet known -- but most of all, this is a lovely book to enjoy in place of the cruises we are missing at the moment! The qe2story shop sells the book, here :

... where there is some more blurb about it.

It is nicely produced as well and has lots of fascinating chapter headings ("It Turned Out It Wasn't Plugged In", "They Have Entered Rubber Time", "Another Cocktail Pary -- We Can Handle It", etc.). Enjoy it!

Offline Twynkle

Isabelle, yes I agree - a good non-techie read!
It was 10 years between the author's world cruise and publication!

Maybe it's time to have another look at Farewell Queenie again,
the g-children think it's hilarious when I try not to cry!!!
(Hope I don't live to regret that comment!)

Online Isabelle Prondzynski

Rich Wade, who is donating the prize for the current (October 2021) photo competition, wrote this about this book :

Quote from: Rich wade
Literature is one way the QE2 sails on, long after retirement. 

One likeable account of the ship's travels is the record of a World Cruise maintained by noted surgeon Bernard F. Patten in his book "Cruising on the Queen Elizabeth 2 -- Around the World in 91 Days," published by Prometheus Books (2006).  Here's an excerpt that almost provides its own video and audio as you read's QE2's departure from the dock by the famous Bridge in Sydney....

Quoting the book, Bernie tells about how he and Ethel, his wife, went up on deck for departure:   

"We went up on deck and became intensely occupied in supervising the departure.  We controlled the letting go of moorings, the making fast of the tugs.  Then, as the enormous power of QE2's engines began to throb through to the shafts and spin the propellers, the ship safely breaking away from the tugs toward the unfettered freedom of the seas, we bade Sydney good-bye.  We waved to the people.  People, people, people----people standing everywhere----above us on the Coathanger (the nickname for the Sydney Harbour Bridge that stretches across the harbour), below us on the quay, to the right and the left of us.  Not just a few have turned out to send off QE2.  There are thousands.  Myriads of boats accompanied us as we headed to the granite teeth of the headlands at the harbour's entrance.  Multiple horns sounded.  Two people on jet skis buzzed by the ship.  A helicopter with a TV cameraman hanging out the window, circled us overhead.  Two other helicopters hovered dangerously in midair over the ship, close to the aft funnel.  Some sailboats tried to keep up with us, but they couldn't.  The powerboats do keep up for a while, but once QE2 got moving they fell behind.  The captain piped bagpipe music of Highland Cathedral through the public address system.  Men in starched white uniforms distributed rocket-powered glasses of orange planter's punch.  Ethel and I danced on the aft upper deck to the music of the QE2 band."

What a celebrity the ship was!

But, reading it, I was really taken with Patten's account of the Sydney departure.  I think people today forget what a STAR the ship was!

I am sure that whoever wins the prize following the vote next month, will really enjoy this book!


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