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Re: The Double Room (Double Up/Down Room)
« Reply #45 on: Apr 04, 2018, 07:42 AM »
I love that room. It is my absolute favorite!

It was special watching an evening show from the upper level (standing room only other than a handful of seats that were not fixed there for space reasons!) while the ship gently rolled with the ocean swells. One of my fond QE2 memories. Although I only knew the room in it's final form (which has been retained as far as we know) where one had to go to one of the nearest stairwells to change level/deck which was a hassle, not to mention the layout of Upper Deck - but we loved QE2 for her quirks even if they were less than ideal  ;)

Dad's QE2 Mediterranean cruise digital photos, October 2004 by Thomas Hypher, on Flickr

One of my Dad's photos to give you an idea of the ambience in the evening. Taken in October 2004 on our second voyage and first cruise onboard.
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Re: The Double Room (Double Up/Down Room)
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I counted 52 windows (26 on each side) of the Double Up Room (Boat Deck level) on builder’s plans so it assumed that is how many of the ‘sausage-shaped’ windows were in place in 1969.

In 2006 I counted 17 ‘sausage-shaped’ windows on each side. All but two on each side were covered.

Along with the rest of the lighting in what could be quite a dark area upstairs above the 'Grand Lounge', hopefully these could also be considered for re-instatement.
Just wishing that the Double Room could re-appear, as if by miracle!
(Just hoping that the area of shops wont be turned into the ubiquitous 'Mall' :( )

Bob C - there could well have been cactuses/cacti in pots as table decorations - Mikey, who used to be the Florist on board QE2, now on board QM2 always puts small arrangements - mainly flowers now, rather than plants, on the table in the Grand Lobby etc - in earlier times, when preservation of flowers on ships could have been more difficult (they live in huge fridges now!)  - QE2's table might easily have had cacti 'gardens', instead!
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Re: The Double Room (Double Up/Down Room)
« Reply #47 on: Nov 30, 2022, 03:34 PM »
Photo taken in 1969. Can't remember the resident band at the time but two contract entertainers were " Barry G Noble and the classics" and "The Henley sisters" from Australia. Three of us would go up to the stage and play our instrument in the middle of the night including the Steinway piano, one was nicknamed Banjo for obvious reasons. Security would walk by and turn a blind eye. We were not very good, we had fun though.
 I have tried to insert image; it just will not work.?

Phil Spanner. Joined QE2 while in King George dry dock during repairs to turbines in 1969.

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Re: The Double Room (Double Up/Down Room)
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Thanks for sharing your story Philippe but sorry to hear you had a problem uploading the photo.

If you send the photo to I will try to upload the picture on your behalf.
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