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Re: Titanic
« Reply #160 on: Dec 07, 2016, 07:26 PM »
In theory, though, Titanic ought to be the better condition because of the cold and greater depth - less oxygen, and less energy for oxidation.

Much of Titanic's decay has occurred since she was discovered.  Ballard's original images showed her in relatively intact condition ( once you take into account the damage sustained during the actual sinking ) and he has charted her decline quite shockingly in the subsequent years.  The theory appears to be that the removal of artifacts has disturbed the encrusting growths on her hull plus the simple presence of submersibles has done damage to the wreck - some have even landed on her decks.  The added physical disturbance to the water and silt around the wreck has probably not helped, nor will have traces of chemicals from the hulls of the submersibles.
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Re: Titanic
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Again, another topic for you, Kevin!
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Re: Titanic
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Maybe...   ;) (you mean me, right?)
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